just some pictures ...

... because I'm too pooped to write much or actually sound very coherent. 
Its been a full, busy week, but a good one. 
I got my back/neck adjusted {why have I never done that post labor?!}
The kids and I have run a couple errands together, sans Daddy, and every errand run was complete with well behaved, helpful kids - reminding me of two things: God is very good and I love my kids.
School went well this week. Rachel did ask if holding Miles counts as a school subject.
I had to give her credit for trying ;-)
Enjoy the pictures. Have a great weekend! 

   a shot of our backyard tree in full bloom. 

Kara at our friend's fishing derby on Saturday. 
Kids had a blast learning how to fish 
and Kara mostly just loved putting her feet in the lake. 
I enjoyed relaxing with Miles and enjoying the beautiful view. 
Such a fun day! 

this is how Miles enjoyed the derby :) 
he loves the Moby wrap. 

someone got his first real bath!! 

peaceful sleeper. 
a friend gave us this cute outfit for Ethan :) 

always sleeps with his hand by his face. 

proof that {sometimes} he's awake. 

moments Daddy has been looking forward to for a long time. 

Nana {my Mom} meets her 11th Grandchild! 
We're excited to spend the weekend with Nana. 

4 {comments}:

Emily said...

Give Nana a big giant hug for me! And I think Miles is going to look like Kara! =)

W and J said...

SUCH sweetness!!!! I'm so happy you and Miles love the wrap. Seriously the.best.thing.EVER!

Nicola said...

Love the pictures. Kara putting her feet in the water is super cute and your mom with Miles.

Gina said...

He is so cute! So happy your mom was able to go up and smoosh them all in kisses. :-) And I love that Rachel asked if holding him counts for school--c'mon mom, there's got to be a skill that counts in there! :-)


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