Miles {3 weeks}

Please slow down! I feel like the days are passing too quickly and you're growing and maturing too fast. I get excited when you do something new {mostly because watching the excitement your siblings go through is way too much fun to pass up} but at the same time I feel like its all too soon. I need you to stay newborn for like a year. Just so I can really feel like I've soaked up these days as much as I could.
 listening to me talk to you.
and whatever I said, you liked it... 

first really big smile I got out of you :) 

*You have quite the personality. You make a million facial expressions in the span of 5 minutes and each one is hysterical. I did catch you smiling quite a bit the other day and got completely stoked, only to realize you were actually working on a mess in your diaper. Just as I told myself you were actually grinning at me, I heard the explosion and didn't feel so special.
*You have a love/hate relationship with the paci {just like Ethan did} which is fine with us. We'd prefer you don't get too attached. We keep one around for car rides and moments when Mommy is coming, but not quick enough. You typically frown when its put in and promptly spit it out.
*You eat like a champ and you have a raging appetite. You latch on and its all work and no play until the feeding is over.
*Then there's the famous question, "are you getting any sleep?" - it truly is all people wanna know. Total strangers seem very curious about this one. You eat every 2-3 hours, day or night. So I get woken up every 2-3 hours, even through the night. But it means I'm sleeping during those 2-3 hours you sleep. I'm assuming this will get better as you gain weight, but I learned after Kara, never assume.

I know, I know... you need sunglasses. 

*You fit into some newborn clothes, but mostly wear 0-3 months.
*When you're hungry and annoyed with how long its taking Mommy to feed you, you start snorting from your nose and its pretty funny. You sound like a little piggy, waiting to eat ;-)
*During your daytime naps, you sleep best when you're out amongst all the noise that our family makes. I've tried making you cozy in the bedroom and getting the room all quiet and calm... you never sleep well when I do that. So I realized the other day, you actually like to be out where you can hear everyone. You took a 4 hour nap out in the living room yesterday.
I laughed out loud when I realized you were sleeping through the phone ringing, front door opening and shutting, kids running in and out {your siblings plus neighbor kids}, Pandora was playing on the radio and every so often Kara would sing at the top of her lungs. There is no doubt you are our 4th child :)
Sunday after church we went to a park for lunch. 
I changed your diaper on the front seat of the car and you didn't seem 
to mind any of it :) 

Cute things being said about you around our house...
Rachel {as she kissed you good night} "Mommy... we have the cutest baby." 
Kara: "yeah, we do. Lets never return him."

Ethan: "Miles makes being a big brother so amazing."
Rachel: "can I kiss Miles, Mommy?" - about every 5 minutes.
Kara: "I'm a big sister!! I love being a big sister!!!!"
Ethan: "I feel like when Miles was born, God moved things around and made my heart bigger to love him, because I didn't know I could love him as much as I love the rest of you."
Probably the sweetest one from Ethan - while holding you and talking to you about life he said,
"I wish my friend Mrs. Cap could've met you. She would've thought you were the best thing."  :)

this is what you look like after you eat :) 

I love cuddling you... and you're quite the cuddler. I sneak in little naps with you during the day and those are moments of total bliss.
The mother/child bond that forms when baby is in the womb is amazing to me. I think its neat that God gave you and me 9 whole months together in a very unique, special way. When I sing songs to you that I sang when you were in my tummy and when I read out loud while you nurse and realize my voice soothes you... its just amazing to me. You're remembering those 9 months of getting to know Mommy on a very personal level. Only God could create something so entirely beautiful.
I'm so blessed to be your Mommy, Miles. I love you very much and am thrilled God gave you to us.

...but I mostly can't believe next week I will be writing your ONE month update.
Please, please slow it down.
every time Ethan holds you, you fall asleep. 
He's got Daddy's magic touch :) 

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Anonymous said...

He's SO blonde !!!!! Were any of the others ? Ethan has lighter hair so I'm thinking he might have been. = ),


Tara said...

newborns are such amazing little things. i LOVE the newborn time, as exhausting as it can be. brand new babies are just so incredible. lately (never thought i would ever say this) but i am thinking i may be done...but then i look at your pics and want to experience that again. :(

at such a weird place right now :-/

Stef said...

Sharla, Jason and I were both blonde (I was pretty much blonde right away and Jason was closer to his 2nd birthday) but there's blonde from Ernie's side and my Mom's side. We shall see!

Tara, I can't imagine being done. I wondered if 4 would make me feel that way, but so far it hasn't. Everyone is going to be different though! I imagine every Mommy feels her uterus goo just a tiny bit when she sees a newborn baby - even ladies who are totally DONE :)

Nicola said...

What an adorable little boy. Love the big smile picture and all the kids together.
What Ethan said about his heart. Wonderful.


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