when its too warm... head to the lake.

We had a lot of fun visiting a few parks last week and going for some walks 
around our neighborhood. A few days were a bit too warm for comfort 
{I also happen to NOT be fitting into any of my shorts yet} 
so on this particular day, we ventured to a park by the lake, 
in the hopes that would make it a cooler visit :) 

    At first I thought they were looking at the lake... then I saw the ducks!

   The Mommy duck was hissing at us when we tried to get close, so we kept our distance.

    I explained to the kids that she's just protecting her babies
and Rachel said, "oh! like how you get mad at strangers when they 
try to touch Miles on his face or get too close to him without asking?" 
Yes... exactly :) 

 the kids relaxed at the water's edge while I used a bench and nursed Miles. 
It was such a beautiful day. 

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Carrie said...

I love that park! Stef, I know it's been too long, when I go to your blog and you have a whole new baby!!!!! He is so adorable! I know you have been through alot, and I am so happy for you guys.

Lots of love,

Tara said...

LOVE lakes. and i love how active you guys are, with so many kids and a newborn. i bow down to you. lol.

Stef said...

Carrie!! So good to hear from you! I re-discovered your blog after losing the link for so many months. SO happy to see Hannah doing well. We still need to meet you amazing people someday.

Thanks, Tara. What an awesome compliment.
I feel the same way when I see pics of all the fun places you guys go and then family time you spend with each other. I love that we get to cherish these brief years with our babies.


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