collage post

I have tons of pictures to upload and decided
 the best way to do that was to condense them into collage form. Enjoy! 

Uncle Jeff & Aunt Jenny came to visit us!! 
We enjoyed a very fun weekend with them. 

Took a trip to the park with friends. Fed geese, enjoyed the swings, 
Miles slept on his changing pad on the bench ;-) 

Ethan helps make breakfast. 

Saturday mornings are the best

enjoying a day at Kids Quest Museum

the many expressions of Miles :) 

Ethan with our neighbor, Sully
Miles, wearing a CUTE onsie our friends sent us. 
Rachel with her 'good morning' sign. 

::Miles. last weekend::
{7 weeks}

headed to the movies with Daddy!

at the Zoo! 
we bought a Zoo membership and can't wait to enjoy 
many more fun days there!

::Views from Sunday afternoon::
Bottom left is from the Zoo
the rest are from our backyard.

playing in the sprinklers with umbrellas :) 


2 {comments}:

Nicola said...

love the pictures, Stef. That last picture of Rachel is so cool. What a capture!

Tara said...

you have the best backyard ever!


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