I wish...

Sometimes I wish for more hours in my day. Not always though, because I know deep down, if I had more hours, I'd just busy them up with more stuff.
I can't believe how different our daily life has been since Miles joined us. I keep telling people "I didn't think one little baby could change things so much!" but it appears his little life has changed our day-to-day quite a bit.
Because I have to nurse {and I've never mastered walking around while nursing}
there are diaper changes {we haven't had those in 2 years, so we find them quite exciting}
there's the need to have Miles home more often than he's out being run around from here to there {so yes, I've actually learned even more how to say no to things}
By the time I feel like I've got a handle on my day, its time to make dinner, clean up from our busy day and get ready to welcome the evening hours. CRAZY!
I'm not complaining though and I don't even want it to change. This is kind of nice. Its a new phase of life and I'm learning to roll with it.

A lot of is me though. I need to get a better grasp on what will help me master my time better.
My goal for these summer months is to find our new normal, embrace it and make the proper modifications before school starts in September. 

It helps knowing some of you ladies who already have 4 kids and can understand where I'm coming from and also offer good advice. I love you for that.
I went back to taking my fish oil/cod liver oil capsules. Lets just say ever since Miles was born {and for some reason I stopped taking them}, I've had way more dyslexic moments that I care to admit.

My in-laws arrive on Saturday morning! The kids are so excited to see Grandparents this month and I cannot wait for them to meet Miles. He doesn't know it, but he's anxious to mee them too :)
They'll be here for almost a week, then the kids have VBS {Kara gets to go this year too!} and then directly after VBS my parents arrive for a week long visit. July is going to fly by, I just know it.
In between all that is Rachel's 6th birthday! My baby girl is turning six. When did this happen?
I'm working on the plans for her Tea Party birthday. She has requested a fancy dress, bring your dolls, tea party. I'm excited. This is the first birthday where Rachel has really had a lot of input and ideas. I've never been the themed birthday party person or even the mom who throws a party every year for her kids {nothing wrong with it} So I'm embracing it this year since its something she'd really like to do. On her actual birthday we'll just spend a family day together. She'll go on a breakfast date with Daddy and then Ethan, Kara and I will get treasure hunt all ready :)
I'm not sure what we'll do during the day, but since Rachel's picking, I'm gonna guess we'll end up in either Seattle or at a park with a lake :)

So, I know I'm late jumping on this bandwagon - I love The Pioneer Woman! Her Food Network show is fun to watch and she's inspired me into enjoying making healthy, but hearty meals.
I often have to make several modifications when using her recipes, since we don't eat some of the ingredients they eat, but even the modifications are easy - because her recipes are yummy and simple. I think on her show she says she's all about "simple yet scrumptious". Great way to define her cooking style.
Her new cookbook is at Costco. I've walked by it several times, justifying why I don't need to buy it... but the last time I was there, I began the mental list of justifying why I need to have it :)

Another bandwagon I'm finally jumping on {much to my husbands' joy} is shopping online at Amazon. What took me so long to realize you can buy pretty much everything there and often at a cheaper price? I'm learning I need to give myself an Amazon budget though, because this one-click 'click once and its yours' system they have is way too easy to get carried away with.

My friend Sharon let me borrow a book called The Baby Whisperer - have you ever heard of it? I'm enjoying a lot of the wisdom Tracy Hogg shares in it. Seeing several things we could've used when our girls were babies. I'm learning with parenting, you definitely learn as you go {as with most things} and so when I look back to my first 2-3 babies, I realize I knew next to nothing. A lot of is major guess work. Especially since every child is so different. In many ways Miles feels like the first baby where Jason and I actually understand what's what and understand more of how this baby raising thing is done. Only took 4 kids, not bad ;-)
I'm sure it helps that we're now in our 30's and just {hopefully} more mature in other areas as well. I don't feel mature'r though. I wonder if you ever do. I bet if I ased my parents they would say they don't feel grown-up yet either.
You know how you plan and plan to get married? You read books, journal your steps, ask a lot of questions and listen to as many sermon series as possible before the big life change takes place? Then you get about a month into marriage and realize while helpful, all those things didn't make you ready. The experience tends to make you ready.
I feel the same way about parenting. So many helpful tips and tools out there, but without actual experience and a whole-lot-a-prayer, I'm not sure I ever would've felt ready.
Anyway, the Baby Whisperer book is a good guide. I recommend it. Its not a book I 100% agree with or will use every thing she suggests {outside of the Bible, I can't say there's any book I've done that with}, but I am definitely glad it was introduced to me.

We're heading to the park to meet up with friends and enjoy lunch on this beautiful day.
I hope you're all enjoying the END of June. Good grief, that went by fast.
We had a lot of warm, gorgeous weather in April and May and then as June arrived it was like winter returned.
Happy to have the sun back and ready to get summer festivities started.


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Erin said...

Good summer times, Stef! :) I love the slowness that a newborn "forces" on the household. They have a sweet way of teaching us to live in the moment.
I think what you said, saying no to more things, is so great. That is key to sanity. :)
Rachel is getting so big. Her party sounds like it will be sweet.
Have fun with the in-laws. Mine are coming this weekend, too!

momofthree said...

Love the Baby Whisperer plug =)


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