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Lately it seems like I sit to nurse and to drive. Otherwise I'm moving, moving, moving.
Right now there's a laundry basket at my feet filled with clean, folded clothes.
Here I am, thrilled they're clean and folded.
I'll eventually put them away but for now, seeing them clean and folded gives me such satisfaction. Hey! its better than a Mt. Rainier sized pile of dirty clothes, waiting to be cleaned.

I cleaned the toilet today from top to bottom - only because Kara got to the potty late and had an accident. If one of my kids did that once a week, the toilet would be spotless at all times.

I've set a goal for this month. For me, its a big goal. I'm excited to see if I can follow-through and actually see the goal to completion: I will return my library books on time this month. Yes, our goal making has gone down a bit. I even put a reminder in my iPhone... so I have no excuses.

I've jumped back into the world of meal planning, grocery list making and meal freezing... and its been nice. I didn't always love to cook, but I have to say, I love being in the kitchen, preparing food for my family. I think actually knowing what you're doing, using the proper tools and actually liking what you make really helps ;-)
It definitely helps having a daughter {Kara} who loves to bake with me and stays through the whole process. Thanks to my 3 1/2 year old, I now know that certain recipes call for eggs to simply give it 'structure'. Those of you who live by us and see Kara have actually heard her talk about this and you're probably smiling right now. Its pretty cute when she dispenses her culinary knowledge ;-)

The kids and I have been enjoying a new show {new to us} called Food Network Star. Have you seen it? We love it.
Also, for you Pioneer Woman fans - did you know she now has a show on Food Network?
I think a lot of the recipes are fun, but the show is a bit cheesy. It is cute though, how they intertwine her family life with the show. Ethan especially enjoys this one.

The music gadget on my blog no longer works. For some of you {my husband being one} this will give you cause to rejoice. But I know some of you actually liked it - sorry its not there anymore. I'm currently looking for a new one, but they look few and far between, so it may be a while. And when I say "I'm currently looking for" it really means, every so often I think of it and do a 2 minute google search and then move on.
**Sharon - this is what I wrote just as you texted me about this... how crazy is that?! 

Our Costco sells this popcorn. We get the Chicago mix and it is SO yummy. I first bought it thinking only the kids would like it, since Jason and I don't really like popcorn, but the caramel mixed with cheddar flavor is so tasty. Sweet and salty - who knew?!

Our Costco also sells these and my kids LOVE them. The price is also much cheaper via Costco.
Ethan says its his best surprise in a sack lunch :)

We love to eat baked chicken. I buy the whole, organic chickens from Costco. Technically they're from a farm in Oregon, but Costco sells them ...
{no, Costco is not paying me for such good advertisements}.
My Mom told me how she has recently started making hers and I decided to try it tonight. YUM!
You stuff the chicken with sliced lemon and fresh rosemary {I added some butter to mine}.
I put seasonings on top; sea salt, pepper and top the whole thing off with olive oil - pop it in the oven for about 2 hours on 350 and there you have it. Delicious dinner! I loosely cover mine with foil for the first hour and then uncover it for the second.
I grilled up some mushrooms and onions with my favorite spice, Herbes De Provence and we put that on top of the sliced chicken. I'm not kidding you - tasted like something from a gourmet restaurant. Give it a try if it sounds like something you'd like.

The kids and I will be making granola tomorrow. I have a recipe I really like, but if you happen to have a favorite granola recipe, please share! It would be fun to have a few different ones to use, so we don't get sick of this same one.

Random fact: I sometimes get excited when Miles spits up or poos on his outfit because that means I get to find a new, cute outfit of his and play dress-up.

I also realized my random brain went from talking about food and food blogs and food tv, to talking about the music on my blog, to going back to talking about food.
If your brain feels jumbled after reading my blog, its not you, its me.

That's enough talking typing from me. I've had a few complaints that I never blog anymore and was told it needs to be remedied.
Hoping this weird, random post holds you over until I post again.

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Tara said...

i was so surprised to see ree's new show on the food network! had no idea she had/got one! i was pleasantly surprised! she is so darn cute!

jillyco said...

I love your posts...random or not. :)

Melissa Joy said...

Your comment about playing dress-up with Miles hit home for me. :) I do that with Asher! I really don't like leaving him in just one outfit for an entire day! ;) Too many cute things I want to dress him up in! hehehe.

Charlotte said...

I totally remember with my fourth child....that when I would sit to nurse, that was like the only time I sat all day.

And you sound like you are getting on top of things more! I remember getting that burst of energy when the wee one finally slept 8 hours at night. Until then, nothing in my house was finished.

Have a great weekend, Stef!

Christina said...

we love the chicago mix popcorn at Costco too. We knew we loved the combo before they started selling it at Costco though....it was a favorite snack when we lived in Chicago. Garrett's popcorn is a popular place on several corners of Michigan ave in chi town and they sell this salty/sweet combo. we eat the whole bag when we get it, and have cheesy fingers afterwards. Yum!

Jason said...

I love all your comments! I feel like we're having a conversation, which is cool :)
Someday I want to have a blog party and invite all you ladies up here for a FUN weekend!

Stef said...

wow... WRONG day to be logged in as my husband.
I would like to host a non-creepy weekend with you ladies, not Jason ;-)

Charlotte said...

Oh, that me laugh so hard this morning! :-)


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