Miles {6 weeks}

Dear Miles, 
You're six weeks old today! We grow more in love with you every day and more excited to 
learn new things about your personality. 
*You're getting nice and chubby - thanks to being a champion nurser. 
*You love your brother. When he comes in the room and talks at all, you stop 
whatever you're doing and look over in his direction. 
Yesterday when you did this, you got a huge smile on your face every time. 
Ethan said, "I think he's thinking, 'Hey! there's my big brother!' ... and I think its true. 
*You sleep pretty well at night, getting up at regular times most evenings/mornings. 
We both get about 3-4 hours of sleep in between feedings. 

*You've adapted well to our busy life, sleeping pretty well in the car. When you're awake in the 
car, you let us know how much you don't like riding in your carseat, but once you fall asleep
you do just fine. 
*Your quick labor, though rough, has helped me heal quickly and feel back to my old self much 
faster than I thought I would. I started working out last week and awakened a few muscle groups I forgot I had :) 
*You love to be snuggled, which I'm thrilled about. The more kisses and tender talking we do, the happier you are. 

 *As you can see by the pictures, you're giving us some amazing smiles these days :) 
* You seem to love the first-thing-in-the-morning time with me. We sit and talk and I sing to you and pray over you and you just soak it all up :) 
*You're a great combination of Daddy and my looks. I love how you never quite look just like one of us, but always look like a nice blended mixture. I think you have Daddy's eyes for sure - and you have very long eye lashes, they're just unnoticeable, due to being so blonde. I see little glimpses of Ethan in you and most of the time we all think you look most like Kara. 

We love you SO much and can't believe your 6th week is already here! 
Praising Jesus for you in our family. 

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Liz said...

He is absolutely adorable!!! What a handsome baby boy ;)

Holly D. said...

He is SO precious! I love his smile too! I'm glad you had a fast recovery!

Tara said...



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