The days seem to be going by in super speed these days. Before I know it, its 3pm and time to get dinner prepared.
Today felt like an exceptional day. I'm not sure why, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary or spectacular. Maybe that's why. It was an ordinary day.
Miles is growing, I'm sure of it. We spend many, many moments of our day cozy on the couch - him nursing and me either reading, watching a cooking show on Food Network, or having one of the kids read to me. He loves when I read out loud. His little eyes stare at me the whole time in wonderment {is that a word?} and you can tell he thinks its all for him :)
I got this new book and I love it. Wishing I had it several years ago, but thankful for it now, nonetheless. I'm already on chapter 6 and realizing this will be a book I at least skim through quite often, even after I'm done reading it through.

The kids and I ran errands today, which is always fun. My kids love being out and about and I am happy to say, they do very well in stores and at appointments and such. I don't know that its anything I've trained in them... I think they just like being out. We tasted some fun samples at Trader Joe's. The Balsamic Glaze {new to TJ's} was our favorite. The lady put it on vanilla ice cream and it was surprisingly very tasty! So I bought some. 

Kids played outside a lot, which is always nice. I brought my favorite chair on the deck and nursed Miles while watching them. 
Ethan and our neighbor friend made up a new game. Its called Transgenders. I know, I know. Its weird sounding, right? When I first heard it my mind went #%$^@!@!! and I said, "how on earth did you come up with that name?!" The explanation was very simple... "its a mixture of Avengers & Transformers, Mommy." Oh... I should've known.

We had a miss-mash of things for dinner tonight. Ate through 3 nights of leftovers, which is always fun and creative. After dinner we used our fire pit out back and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. It was Miles' first time and I think he enjoyed it. Our landlords have a "built in" fire pit on the back-upper lawn and its quite relaxing out there. Feels like you're camping.

The girls and I are making these this week. We saw them on Giada's show and decided they looked too yummy to not make. Today we bought the freeze dried strawberries, so now we're all set. I'll let you know how they turn out.

I hope you're all enjoying summer so far. I can't believe June is almost over....

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Carson said...

Let me know how the meringues turn out. It would be fun to do them with freeze dried raspberries too (which Trader Joe's also carries.)

Megan Knight said...

that all sounds lovely. wish i could hold miles. i haven't even met him :(

Stef said...

I will, Carson!

Megan... I know. I thought of this the other day. Next tie you're here I will be sure to give you two lots of time to get to know each other :)


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