Miles {2 months}

This is shamefully over due, but since he's still two months old, here I am! 
Our sweet boy is getting too big, too fast, and we're enjoying every moment of it.
He weighs close to 13 pounds now and is an eating, sleeping champ. He's starting to give us little giggles and lots of 'on demand' smiles; keeping his siblings jumping over the moon for him.

My friend Shanna takes the cutest month milestone pictures and I confess I'm totally copying her here. Except I'm not the awesome photographer she is.
 Enjoy :)

Miles Jonathan. 

 Dear Miles, 
 You are 2 months old now! I think we're doing a good job soaking in these 
early days of your life, but I know when you're all grow up, 
I'm going to wish they lasted longer. 
I look forward to seeing your cutie smile so much, I find myself eager for you to wake up 
so I can kiss your sweet face. 

 as you can see from these pictures, you have the funniest facial expressions! 
We all giggle so much at the many different faces you make in the span of 10 seconds. 
You're a sweet boy, Miles. You have a calm, content disposition and you enjoy 
being talked to, sang to, held, rocked, loved

we love you so much. so very much. 
Your head gets kissed many times a day by a sister or a brother. 
Your little toes get coo'd over more than I ever thought they could. 
You're a wonder to us and we are every day thankful to God for giving you to us. 
Happy 2 months, my sweet boy!

4 {comments}:

Erin said...

So, so cute Stef! Sweet boy!

Jessica said...

What a blessing your boys are!

W and J said...

Look at YOU!! Getting all artsy-fartsy with your pictures. ;) Love the update!

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable, Stefanie! All your children are! I really love looking at all your pictures. I've been so behind on reading blogs lately, so tonight I am doing a little catching up on yours. Keep enjoying your summer!
Much love!


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