oh, hi.

Time flies when you have a house full of company and a packed schedule full of summer activities. My in-laws were here, followed by a week of VBS and fun with friends, followed by a week with my parents visiting.

The victims from the Colorado shooting are on my mind a lot these days; how their families are coping and dealing with such a tragic thing. I hope to remember to pray for them all, long after the news stop covering it.

Political conversations are all around us. I find them all pretty lame and probably because I don't care for either man in the running. Its really the first year I pretty much don't care. Kind of feels nice. One thing I will say is, Obama hasn't been trained to speak well in public, but he sure has been trained how to throw out good insults. And that's all I say.

Miles is either growing or teething or both. He is pretty miserable when I'm not holding him and isn't sleeping well anymore. I can't complain though. Not sleeping well for Miles is 4-5 hour spurts at night, which isn't bad at all. Its just hard to go from sleeping through the night, to 1 or 2 wakings.

I have nothing of significance to blog about. Just here to say hi. Apparently I now consider a successful day one that involves cookies being baked. Don't bother to notice laundry wasn't completed and tasks never finished. The cookies were baked. Jason finds this a heroic act, so I'm feeling good.

We went to Oregon to visit our good friends from CA over the weekend. Pictures from that and my parents visit are coming soon.

I deleted my Twitter and Pinterest accounts. It was easy to delete Pinterest - I was never on there anyway. But I had a hard time saying goodbye to Twitter. For that reason I didn't actually delete my account there- just took the app off my phone and won't be checking it for sometime.
I feel like I have too much going on inside my head and in needed to literally clear some space. Taking out things that just fill the space with {for me} what's a waste of time.

I'm jumping back on the working out band wagon. Miles is 3 months old and I'm feeling ready. Oh, and when I say 'jumping', I don't mean that literally. Lets just say at the moment when I do too much jumping, I feel like loose parts are about to fly out. I usually give myself 6-9 months before I do any real intense jumping. Sorry, Jillian Michaels... even you can't change my mind on that one.

Jason's coworker let us borrow his projector yesterday. We have a huge wall in our master bedroom, so we set it up in there and watched a show. I'm not sure I can ever go back to watching things the old fashioned way. This has ruined me forever. I think it was Jason's plan.

The Pioneer Woman has taught me a lot about cooking... but best of all, she taught me how to make the perfect pot roast. And I thought I knew how before! Try it. You won't be sorry.

That's all folks.

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