You're Six.

Dear Rachel,
 Here I am writing you a letter on the eve of your 6th birthday. How did six years go by so fast? How did my little, chubby, first daughter become such a tall, confident big girl?
You are tall. People tell us that everywhere we go - "Wow! She's not a twin to your son? She's SO tall!"

I'm doing my best to keep up with your journal and take notes here and there to remember these amazing days of your youth.
You still can't say your 'R's' and a few weeks back you heard a little girl {on our Steve Green CD} with the same speech accent as you and you said, "oh! so that's what I sound like. Interesting!" :)
We all laughed out loud at that one.
You have a very good sense of humor and tell pretty awesome knock-knock jokes.
You make up fun stories and entertain Kara at bedtime with them. There's always a princess, always a scary scenario and always Daddy {the Prince} saves the day at the end.
You love to play 'kitchen' with Kara. Its typically one of many things: you're chefs on a tv show, or you're at a college teaching other people how to cook, or you're in France taking culinary school. Kara wishes you liked to play even more cooking things, but you've thrilled her with playing these few games.
You wake up each morning with a huge smile on your face and a very sweet "good morning Mommy" and on the weekends you get so excited when you see Daddy is home with us. You usually say "does Daddy get to be home today because its Saturday?!" You're totally a morning person. We know this because if you ever wake up even slightly serious or grouchy, we're all shocked.

You love pancakes. Its kind of scary how much you love them. The lemon blueberry recipe is your all time favorite.
You're also our egg eater. You and me both, baby. We love eggs.
You love your siblings. When it comes to sharing, you never hesitate. You like to make sure people are taken care of and happy. You have your bad days with sharing, but for the most part you are very kind to others and like to know whoever is with you is having a good time.
You simply adore Miles. You ask me more times than I can count in one day, "may I kiss Miles?"
You talk to him in the sweetest voice and you're always sure he completely understands you and is trying hard to converse with you. Sometimes you know exactly what he's thinking and how he'd respond ;-)
You're our little artist. If I give you tracing paper and a pencil, you will be busy for hours at a time, tracing away.
You enjoy coloring, making crafts {any craft will do as long as glue, felt objects, and scissors are on hand}, you love when I play the piano, you enjoy helping me with chores around the house. Right now your favorite chores are emptying the dishwasher, folding towels, putting folded clothes away, and working in the yards.
When I ask you, "hey Rache, would you mind grabbing that for me?" you typically reply with,
"of course!" and since you don't say your 'R's', it comes out quite cute sounding :)
You say the funniest, random things throughout the day and it makes me laugh. I'm always telling you that you crack me up, to which you've often replied "Mommy, why do you say that? You've never cracked at anything funny I do."
I love watching you with Daddy. I love the way you stroke his face when its prickly and you tell him he's scratchy. I love that you still snuggle up to him when he's on the couch and enjoy just being with him. I love that you get so excited when he takes you on a date, just the two of you. If we give you any notice, you typically begin planning your outfit and hair bow and all the things you'll talk to Daddy about when you're out.
I'm so thankful to God for blessing our family with you. I love that He's given you a tender heart and I love the way I see you growing into such a beautiful young girl.

Things I find myself working on with you lately are:
Needing to remind you to be YOU. Not to worry about what others think of you. Because you like to make others happy, I worry that you'll compromise or feel like you have to be different, to please them.

It seems lately when you get frustrated with Ethan or Kara, you hit them or just begin to sob. So we're working on better communication. Saying what's on your mind in a calm way, before you get so upset that you lose your temper.

Not speaking your mind so much that you're offensive to others around you....
*A few weeks back you were at our friend's house and you informed her that her house was very messy and let her know she should clean it {sigh}.
*A man at the grocery store was asking you and Kara what your names are and how old you are. You put your hand over Kara's mouth and said "quit talking to little girls when you don't know them." - I had to explain this one carefully to you, because while I agreed with your comment, I think you could've worded it a bit nicer. Especially since Mommy was standing right by you :)
*In the weeks following Miles' birth, you were famous for telling me how large my tummy still was and asking, "Are you sure there's not another baby in there? Your tummy is still HUGE!"
Its stuff you say not knowing that just because its in your head, doesn't mean its not going to offend someone. I have sympathy for you in this area, because I still struggle with it.
I do love your brutal honesty. A few days ago you and Kara were playing in the sandbox and I was listening to you from the kitchen window... Kara began flipping out because you had a toy she wanted. Then you started yelling at Kara, "I SAID JUST WAIT 5 MINUTES AND YOU'LL GET A TURN!!" Kara eventually calmed down and you finally lowered your voice and as you both reached a compromise I heard you said "Goodness Kara, we really do need to quit freaking out over stupid things." -Agreed.
I love you, Rache. I can't believe you're six and can't believe we're in 1st grade now!
I love that you can sit and read to me now and I get the biggest kick out of all your hand written notes all over the house. I liked the one you wrote the other day that read: "plees make pandcakes on all days. Love Rachel Arnold." {I told you, you love pancakes!}

You have a t-shirt that pretty much sums up your sweet personality. The words on it read:
Little Miss Sunshine. 

And you certainly are.
Love you so much. Mommy

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Holly D. said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!
Very cute post, Stef. I'm going to have to do the same for my kiddos :). They'll love to look back on it someday.

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday to Rachel! Your letter was so precious and honest. She is blessed to have you for a Mama. :-)

Nicola said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rachel!
Love the post. The tummy comment cracks me up. Audrey's been telling me each day that my tummy is getting really big. Lovely, Right?


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