Ballard Locks {with my parents}

I'm shamefully late with these posts from my parents visit. 
They needed time to be organized and actually updated in order, 
 so it was something that kept getting put off. 

We had been to the Ballard Locks before... but not since Kara was 20 months old. 
We knew it was something my Dad especially would enjoy and he did. 
Strangely I don't think he's in any of these pictures, but I promise, he was there :) 
The weather was perfect; sunny but breezy and the day was a lot of fun. 

I need to ask Jason why our camera makes everything look 
so white and so overly bright.
I may have had it on the wrong setting, sorry.

 Catching waves... 

 Kara's face, haha! 

This is where you wait to see the boats go in and out. 

   she wants me to tell you that the headband she's wearing is one she made with my Mom.

the bridge goes up and boats come in! 

its like a tiny version of the Panama Canal :) 

    This one was taking in July of 2010: Rachel was 4, Ethan was 5 and Kara was 20 months. 

   So we had to do an updated one with Miles! 2012

this was my all time favorite flower in the garden. 

yes, its a real leaf. 


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Jenessa G. said...

We have lots of fun memories visiting the Locks as kids! :)


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