church member.
child of God. 
piano player.
prank player. 
not stylish. 
positive thinker. 
home schooler. 
deep thinker. 
carefully emotional. 
outdoor person. 
forever young {in mind, not in body}
not a public speaker.
love of history. 


I'm amazed how hard it is to come up with a list of short words to describe me. 
Even more amazed how complex I look on paper! It really struck me while forming this list, I can be both loud and very quiet. Quick and carefree, while also a hesitant, deep thinking and patient person. 
It almost feels like a miracle to be able to say that the word 'patience' describes me at all. 
If you've known me any length of time, you'll know that God molding patience into my very being has taken a lot of work. On God's part. 
You can see by this list just how random my brain works. Nothing is in any real order. I swear I wasn't always that way. Okay... maybe I was. I bet some of my LONG time friends are shaking their head right now going, "yeah... you've always been random. Except it and move on." 
So I guess I will. 

When someone asks me "who did [insert child's name here] get that from?" it always makes me stop and think. Because I don't generally think about myself very much. I mean, I do... but I don't usually sit around thinking about who I am. What makes me, me
Do you find that having kids causes you to do that more? To look down your family tree more deeply than you ever have? Its definitely the case with me. 
As my kids get older and especially as we add to our family, I'm learning so very much how unique God makes each one of us. Rachel and I were talking about that the other day - God is very creative in His work. No two flowers are exactly the same. No two blades of grass match perfectly. Every person is unique. Even though there are millions upon billions of people {my brain won't think higher right now, sorry} here on earth, there is not one person that is exactly the same in look or personality. Its incredible when you think about it. 
I'm always reminding my kids, "when you stop and can't wrap your brain around the unique beauty God's created here on earth, just remember this only took Him 6 days and He's been working on Heaven for over 2,000 years." Wrap your brain around that! Go on, try... believe me, you can't. 
Now I'm aching to turn on Keith Green CD's. But everyone here is snoozing and I'm heading off to bed. Maybe tomorrow I'll go dig those out of boxes and listen. I love his music. 

Out of all God's creation that I come into contact with on a day-to-day basis, the only things that make my head spin in wonder and amazement at how truly incredible and good God is, are my husband and my kids. 
God has shown His love for me so much through them. 
I'm thankful
Should've put that at the top of my list. 
I'm very, very thankful

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