Miles {4 months}

My goodness, this summer flew by so fast!
Here you are at 4 months old, starting to act like such a big boy. We're all daily amazed by your physical abilities with rolling over, laughing at things like peek-a-boo and tickling and your sweet, sweet personality. Your 4 month check-up isn't until next week, so we won't know until then what all your current stats are.

Brock and Katie {from California} came and visited us and kept commenting on what a sweet baby you are. And they're right... you really are. Your personality is a very happy one and as long as you're fed, changed and with Mama, you're a very content boy. Also, you really loved Brock. The two of you cuddled cheek-to-cheek and seemed to be kindred spirits right away :)
fun with Brock & Katie in Seattle!  

You play with your toes all the time now and chew on your hands/fists like crazy. I'm guessing we're going to see some pearly whites popping up soon!
Sleeping is going well, but with the typical growth spurts {especially the most recent one} seem to cut into the nighttime sleep patterns. You still sleep well though, taking about 4-5 hours at a time before feedings.

* You went to your first football game on the 11th and actually seemed to enjoy the excitement.
We rode Lightrail and were out super late, but you did really well until the final 2 minutes on LR when you cried and cried for your blanket and your crib.
* You love to communicate. Seems to be a theme with Arnold children ;-)
If we talk to you and sing to you, it makes you the happiest boy on earth. You smile and laugh and sing back to us. According to Rachel, you have a lot on your mind and its usually about your favorite movies, classes you want to take in college, and things you're eager to eat.

I have to say one of the cutest things I've enjoyed seeing since your birth has been the way your 3 siblings love on you. I can't get enough of how much they love you. You're kissed, hugged, squeezed, sang to, talked to, petted, fought over, and drooled on by all of them. Sometimes its a bit excessive and I have to tell them all to back off and give you breathing room.
Right now you're napping and Ethan has asked every 15 minutes, "do you think if I go check on Miles he will be awake?"  I keep reminding him that you need your sleep during the day.

I'm sadly thinking this will be the last picture we get of Kara 
holding you. You're getting too heavy for her :( 
you're teething and spend a lot of time biting on your lower lip :) 

We love you so much, Miles Jon! You're a blessing to us and we still can't get over how blessed we are to have you in our family.

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Nicola said...

Wow, 4 months already! What an adorable little boy. Love the picture of Kara kissing him. It reminds me of a picture of Jessie kissing me as a baby. Happy 4 months, Miles.


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