Miles Jonathan {3 months}

{I write these as he turns a new month, but I tend to be behind with getting pictures uploaded these days. Apparently I'm busy with other stuff. So I decided to post the words now and the picture later.}

Hello, my sweet boy!

 You're 3 months old and feeling less and less like a tiny newborn baby.
I know this because the other day Nana and I saw a little red faced brand new baby and I was going nuts over her cuteness. I found myself oo'ing and coo'ing and basically losing it when I saw how tiny she was. Then I remembered you were there, just a few months ago.

You've gotten much more alert and aware of what's going on around. You totally recognize faces and its terribly cute when Daddy comes home at night. From the moment you hear his voice you begin searching the room, wide eyed. When he comes over to see you and kiss you, you get the biggest smile on your face and look quite content. Much like Kara, you seem to enjoy when all 6 of us are here, in one place together.

You giggle when we tickle you.
You laugh out loud at Ethan's silly faces.
You're reaching for things and grabbing onto them when you can.
You rolled over for the first time!! Complete with cheers and clapping from your siblings. 
You are not rolling yet, thank goodness.
The past few days have been fussy, clingy days for you.
I thought it was possibly teething or a growth spurt, but you woke up totally stuffed up this morning, so now I'm thinking you're fighting off a cold.
You sleep well when you're feeling well. Typically 6-8 hour spurts, which is fine by me!
You have amazing blue eyes.
Your little spiky blonde hair makes me laugh. It looks like its been cut and styled that way. 
You have a special place in your heart for a couple ladies at church and you're quite the flirt when you're around them :)

In typical Arnold fashion, you've acquired some silly nicknames. I call you many things, but the most common are boo-boo's, sweet boy, and Miles-Jon, Nana calls you Buddy Miles, {she stole the idea from Pastor Mark} and your siblings call you all sorts of crazy thing: Boonie-boo, bunchie-wunchie, chubby-coo, Mr.-Moonie, fuzzy-head, Milesy-Wilesy, wittle-brudder and more. I assure you, they're all meant in the most loving way.
You nurse well and often, which is good. Somedays you nurse every hour, some days you go 3-4 between feedings. I'm learning that in the world of breast feeding, nothing is typical or totally normal ;-)

I don't know how much you weigh- we haven't  been to the Dr lately and we don't go until you're 4 months. But I think you're over 13 pounds now. You wear all 3-6 month clothing and are still in size 2 diapers.
Everyone that knows us well, comments on how big your head is. Not in a negative way - just that its gone from this tiny newborn head, to a big baby looking head. Just a reminder these days are going by fast.

I love you so much, sweet boy. We are so blessed to have you in our family. Excited to see what month 4 brings along! 

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