Oregon Bound!

I'm trying to get caught up with blog posts and I'm taking on the attitude "better late than never!" 
Last month {July} some of our best friends from CA were in OR helping their family move and asked us if we'd be able to drive down toward Portland to see them. 
I'm so glad we did, because we've missed them so much and had a wonderful time! 

    Between the two families we have 10 kids! The babies were missing from this one.

 It was as good as it looks. 

This cute boy's name is Jozsef. 
I've known him since he was about Ethan's age. 
We met at church back in California. 
He knows the pain of miscarriage all too well, 
as he's seen his Mom go through it. 
 When he heard I had 3 miscarriages he began to pray for us. 
Praying that God would bless us with a healthy baby. 
Back in January I went to CA for a friend's baby shower and saw Jozsef at church. 
He pulled me aside and told me he was SO excited to see me pregnant with Miles 
because it was such a reminder to him of God answering his prayers. 
I wanted to kiss his sweet face, but instead gave him a hug ;-) 

 I made sure to get pictures of him holding Miles and I've framed 
one in his room. Jozsef has no idea how special he is to us and 
how thankful we are to God for giving him such a loving, gracious spirit! 

                                              Oregon sky, around 8:30 at night. 

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