random shots of {what we see in} Seattle.

    This is scenery in the parking garage. Kara was thrilled we parked on the 3rd floor.
    3 is her number.

   I have no idea why I didn't take pictures of places we went {or even pics of my parents} 
but I assure you, they were with us. 
I think because Jason had to work this day and so any picture I took from my phone
was with one hand and in a hurry, so they're scarce. 
We had a fun day though and did all our favorite Seattle things. 

 post lunch. 
I love his cute, shy smiles. 

I had never heard of Golden Raspberries. 
These were super yummy! I felt like they needed a glass of champagne :) 


please don't make this be you. 

last {and grossest of all} The Gum Wall. 
I kid you not. 

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