visiting a new park!

This beautiful state park is really close to where we live {and only a block away from my sister's new house} but we've never been there. For shame.
We took my parents and had a great time exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

   There was a lot of sea life to explore. Strangely, the girls weren't really into it. 
   Rachel talked about how all the craps and clams and such were "freaking" her out 
and after my Mom showed her a sand crab she said, 
"that makes me want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!" ;-) 

   My babies. Minus one.

we didn't build this, but thought it looked so cool! 

 Self portrait. 

    my sister's dog Pepper was really excited about the treasures in the water.

We left the beach park and drove over to a favorite playground of ours, on a lake. 
This is probably our all time favorite playground - its perfect for freeze tag. 

by the end of the day, we all pretty felt like Miles here .... 

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Charlotte said...

What a fun day! Your pictures made me miss the northwest...now that my MIL doesn't live up there we haven't been in years. And what lovely weather you had too!

Stef said...

if you guys ever do come up here, please let us know! We'd love to see you.

Charlotte said...

I will! We have good friends that live near Bellingham, and my MIL is always talking about moving back. Someday! :-)


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