do we look alike?

I think Kara totally looks like me. I can see it. 
I cannot see the huge resemblance between Rachel and me though. Do you? 
I see so much of Jason in her, it amazes me sometimes. 
But I don't usually see me. Other than the hair color and eyebrows ;-) 

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Emily said...

Agreed. Kara is all you. Rachel, not so much. I see Jason in Ethan. I think Rachel might be more a mix of you. And then of course, Miles is a boy Kara! =)This is my humble opinion.

Stef said...

Yes. You said it well, Em.

Nicola said...

I agree, Kara is totally you, but not so much with Rachel.
Audrey looks just like Lucas, whereas Cora looks a lot like me. I look forward to what this third baby looks like.

Tara said...

you are super mom with the patience of a saint. i dont know how you do it.


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