Labor Day

On Labor Day we had a nice, quite family day together. 
It was bliss. 
We went to the Lake about 8 minutes away from our house and the kids dug in the sand, looked for shells and  made friends with the kids there. Jason kept commenting on what a happy and 
peaceful time it was, and I told him that's why I do this with the kids during the summer months. 
Hardest part of beach day is loading and unloading the car ;-) 

    she pouts sometimes.

    These 6 ducks made me think of our family.
    The one off in the distance would be Kara ;-)

    someone tell me when my chubby little firstborn daughter got to be so big (!!)

 I told her this morning I hope she always gives random kisses and 
'I love you's' to us. I'll miss them when she's grown up and out of the house. 
She's the child that tells us she's never moving away. 
I think I said the same thing to my parents ;-) 

    She most reminds me of Jason, in looks & personality, out of all our kids.
    I love her.

    Its fun when Daddy gets a weekday off work to spend with us.

   this is pretty much all we did. 
Ate yummy food. 
played in the water. 

After the beach fun, we came back home with my sister and her 
husband and we BBQ'd dinner and then roasted marshmallows and made s'mores! 

   oh yeah. and Miles had his nap ;-)

3 {comments}:

Erin said...

Great pictures! Rachel is getting to be such a lovely little lady already. Wow!
Sounds like a fabulous day. Great start to the week. :)

Jill D said...

That Miles is too cute for words! Oh my goodness, all your kids are darling. This looks like a perfect way to spend a holiday!

Tara said...

so perfect and relaxing!


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