the lake never gets old.

I'm going to do my best not to complain about the lingering summer weather. I don't 'hate' it, but I'm very over it and ready for Fall to begin. Not something I thought I'd complain about here in Washington, but alas. Its been too long since we've had any rain and it makes me sad to see things dying off and looking so thirsty and quenched.

That's all. I promise.

 The other day after school, Rachel told me her brain hurt. 
She said she felt like the lake would help her brain recover and 
as soon as she said it I thought, "yes, this is a good plan. I could use 
a trip to the lake today." So we went. 

 the girls are eating oranges here. 
Kara kept saying "this is the life" every few minutes :) 

 Baby brother napped. 

 the ducks got a bit too friendly when they saw our popcorn. 

 he likes to sit up and thinks he's cooler than air.    

 he's quite fascinated by the kids in the water :) 

the ducks were seriously insane over the food. 
I kept having flashes of the Alfred Hitchock movie The Birds run through my 
head as they swarmed our blanket area :) 

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Nicola said...

Love the pictures! But I'm with you on fall. We are in such need of rain. Our air with all the fires has been terrible. We can only be outside for a short time before our eyes hurt from the smoke. Lord, please give us rain.


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