her birthday, on vacation

We're in California on vacation!
Its been a fun trip, if a little tiring. 
Its a different type of tired though. Its the good kind. 
We've been to 
and still have places like 
on our list. 

Kara turned 4 today. FOUR! 
I have no idea how that happened. 
She's getting so big. 
Going to AWANA, writing her letters and numbers, 
learning how to spell words. 
Learning sight words. 
Its crazy. 
She's a ball of goofiness, sass, sweetness and has a 
head full of the bounciest curls I've ever seen. 
Note to self: curly hair likes salty beach air ;-) 
We love her so much. 
I still just can't believe she's 4. 

2 {comments}:

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Kara!!! I also can't believe she's 4...seems like just yesterday she was born!

Nicola said...

Happy Birthday Kara! Wow big 4 year old.


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