jumping right in... sort of.

We got home around 12:30AM Sunday morning or Saturday night, depending on how you look at it. The ride home was long, but went very smooth. We took our time; enjoyed the gorgeous weather and sites in Oregon and allowed baby brother to nurse as long as he needed to at stops. I felt like for him to thrive on this trip, he needed to feel that nothing was being taken away from him, so nursing and cuddles were offered often.
we arrived back in WA and considered this 'cheap' gas. 

Sunday was an odd day. Its hard to be in the car so long and driving so long. Our bodies were sore and tired, everything needed to be unpacked and re-organized, groceries needed to be bought for the house so we could eat - you know how that goes.
The girls and I went to Costco and on the way home witnessed a really bad car accident. It was awful. I felt very off for the rest of the day. Happy to know at least one person did survive, but sad to know he's in critical condition. The guy in front of me said he saw the driver who hit the oncoming car on a cell phone. Stay off your phones while you drive, people. Its not worth death.
It did end up being a relaxing day though. One we all needed.
finally home. Kara 'reads' a story to Daddy. 

I figured we'd jump back into school on Monday, but again, I had higher expectations than reality. 
We ended up staying in our pj's, playing board games, watched a movie and did fun things like baking cookies and played a lot of play dough. I'm learning to set goals and expectations, but to also be fine with none of them working out. This is a huge step for me, friends.

The kids started swim lessons on Tuesday and boy, was that an adventure! They were all so excited to get in the pool and learn to swim, but once we got there, two out of my three majorly freaked out. And probably the two I didn't think would have any issues. My oldest and my little dare devil. They screamed and cried and acted like they were being tortured. The poor swim instructors were like, "um... have they ever been in a pool before?"
Yes. I'm sorry... this is what its like having kids, nice teenage swim instructor. You never know when they'll throw something new at you.
Ethan told me later that the pool was colder and deeper than he expected and he was convinced the teacher was going to shove him under water.
Kara said she wanted a female instructor. She was NOT pleased with the boy.
I wasn't terribly impressed with the lessons, but lets just say, they had no reason to freak out the way they did. I felt like that crazy lady. Baby strapped on me in the Ergo, yelling over the loud noises "you're fine! listen to your teacher! they want to teach you how to swim so you won't drown!" while the two of them just sobbed hysterically the whole time.
Because of her age, I pulled Kara out of her class, but Ethan has to finish. He said he'll be brave tonight, so we shall see.
Rachel loved the class and did fabulous! I was blown away by the way she did whatever she was told. Its pretty typical, so who knows why it shocked me.

clearly this picture was taken before I subjected them to the lesson. 

We had our final Community Group gathering last night before our replication happens!
It was fun having everyone together again - replications are always bitter sweet. Its awesome that we've grown and have to split off, but its sad not being able to be in community with those same people every week. I'm glad we all live near each other and the cool things is, we've formed lasting friendships that can't be broken even with replicating, so I like to view each new group as our family growing :)
Jason and I will be leading/hosting the new group and we're really excited and anxious to see the ways God grows us through that.

oh yeah. we got home to these amazing Fall colors! 

Oh! Before I forget. A few couple things my kids say that I think are adorable.
Kara tells Ethan and Rachel often: "mommy is being a nurse to Miles right now." = mommy is nursing.
Rachel refers to the baby monitor as the "thermometer." As in, "I can hear Miles crying over the thermometer!" 
When a lady at the store asked me "Do all these kids belong to you?" Ethan smiled at her and said "no... we belong to our Dad too." ... I die :)

these are from Tuesday, when I took the kids to the 
Children's Museum. 

I think that's it. 
I'm uploading pics from our time in California and blog posts from that will be up soon! 
For now I'll leave you with the picture I took of the sky the other night. 
I love the colors. 

Happy Fall everyone! 

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Charlotte said...

Oh my, I loved your line..."this is what it is like having kids, nice teenage swim instructor."

LOL! I have TOTALLY been there. Not specifically with the swim lessons, but with the public outbursts that are so unpredictable.

And I am glad to hear you took Monday off. If you had said that you had a great school day and fit everything in, I would have asked what you used to drug the kids with.

Doesn't parenting make you realize how goals and schedules are guides, and not to always be completed. :-)

Kiara Buechler said...

Dane started swimming lessons on Tuesday as well, were you at Hazen???

Stef said...

haha! Charlotte - see what I mean? Unrealistic expectations :)

Kiara, yes! have we met? I don't recognize your name. Look for me on Tuesday :)

Melissa Joy said...

This post totally made me happy. :)

Kiara Buechler said...

I am back at the pool today, my husband has been bring our son each week. I just saw the cutest kids with their dad, and realized they were yours, which made me think to go back to see if you responded to this post. I won the Hashtag Baby giveaway you had a month or so ago, we exchanged a few messages on FB, I am one of Rilla's neighbors.


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