Miles | 6 months

You're half way to your first birthday! My goodness. No matter how much I begged time to slow down, its here. I can't really complain though, because I do feel like we've been able to enjoy your  early baby days and soak them up quite a bit. You're still extremely cuddly and you love to be held {can't say the same about Kara at this age}. I think Kara was too close in age to Ethan and Rachel and felt very much like she needed to keep up. You definitely know you're the smallest and the baby and you're okay with it.
A few things to note since you will probably hear a lot of "you were the 4th so they probably fed you from a sand box!" is that Daddy and I are a bit opposite other couples. We have way more pictures of you than we do your older siblings {thank you nice expensive camera and iPhone}, we went into parenthood with Ethan and Rachel knowing next to nothing about anything {okay fine, we knew nothing} and so we learned as we raised them, which we're obviously still doing. When Ethan was a baby I had little to no opinions on the things I've since been educated on.
Please note: he is alive and thriving even though he's been our guinea pig.
I say that because if any of my readers are new parents, remember it takes quite a bit to totally mess them up. They might even forgive you if you used a bjorn carrier instead of Ergo ;-)
I joke, of course.
We are much more careful now than we used to be about not passing our babies around in the first year, we're more attachment parenting than we were early on, and every baby has slept in our room longer than the child before.
Back to you, Miles. You're a sweet, sweet baby; full of smiles and giggles. I have people telling me after knowing you your whole life, they've never even seen you fussy! Those moments do come - you tend to save them up for Daddy and I only.
But we have a saying around our house: "If Miles is crying, something is very wrong." 
Another non-4th child thing: you've still never been sick! Not even a cold. You beat your older 3 siblings with that one.
You still sleep in our room and you still nurse through the night. Kara is our only other baby that I nursed this long and she didn't sleep through the night at 6 months either. I've always assumed babies don't sleep a full 8+ hours until at least one year, so Ethan especially was a bit of a shock to me with his 10+ hours at 6 weeks of age.
I've put you in your crib across the hall {in Ethan's room} a few times, but I think at this point,  you and I sleep better when we're next to each other.

headed to church this morning 

I came in the living room the other day and found you like this! 

You nap pretty well during the day. Your morning nap is hit or miss; sometimes only 30 minutes and sometimes 2 hours. But your afternoon nap is typically a nice 2 1/2-3 hour nap.
You take a short early evening nap as well and are usually down for the night around 9pm.

Nursing is going well. You just went through a huge growth spurt and I felt like I had a newborn again. Nursed pretty much every hour for one whole week {even through the night} and while it was pretty awful, you seem to be quite content with your new milk flow :)

You sit up by yourself.
You roll from tummy to back & back to tummy.
You talk a lot {we expected nothing less}
You travel very well in the car. Washington to California & back was your first trip!
You've met almost all your extended family - even Uncle Matt!
You love your new exersaucer toy.
You have a special place in your heart for blonde women and bald men ;-)
You have the best laugh.

this morning, cuddled in your sister's bed.

I'm guessing crawling/standing days are just around the corner, but I'm praying they stay at bay for a couple more months!
I love you so much, my sweet boy.

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Nicola said...

Happy 6 months Miles! What a cutie. I love his smile.


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