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I'm so glad the election is over. For some reason this one felt way too long. Maybe because neither guy was a man I'd vote for. It was one of those, "pick the one you like most and if he wins hang on tight for an interesting term."
I also wonder why they put those at such a glorious time of year. Why not February or March when nothing terribly fabulous is happening? But November? Thanksgiving month? For real?!
Anyway, Obama for 4 more years. Yippee. Its his fault I'm not more overjoyed about it, so he can just deal. Cuz he reads my blog, you know.

Thanksgiving is less then two weeks away! Its one of my favorite holidays {sorry Thanksgiving... Resurrection Sunday takes the cake} however, I do get all excited about the traditions we hold on Thanksgiving Day and the food we eat. Thanksgiving is all about the food, right? We don't eat traditional Thanksgiving Day food, but we still eat till we're busting.
Between the yummy breakfast, the parade in our jammies, the outside walk {we've always managed to get nice weather on Thanksgiving since moving here} and the games and fun to be had with family and friends... its a great holiday.

I'm painfully aware of time slipping away. I can't believe how fast September and October sped by. The other day I saw newborn pictures of Miles and cried. His 6 months have flown by. While I feel like we've definitely been able to soak in and enjoy his early days... its still hard knowing they're going and never coming back. Wow. That was depressing, sorry.

I discovered a new sermon series I'm loving! Its over here and trust me, if you listen, you will be so glad you did. Be sure to scroll down and start with the first one, A New People.
Someone asked me the other day "with four kids and a busy life when do you listen to sermons?" The older I get the more I'm realizing we have plenty of time for things we like. I seem to make time for TV shows, the Internet, going places I like, time with family and friends, etc... if its something we really want to do, we find time for it and make excuses for why its that important.
So I usually reply with "when I want to, I make time." But I typically listen on my cell phone in the car, on the laptop in the kitchen while I make dinner or clean up from a meal. I used to listen to talk radio and decided it was turning into a waste of time. And, I realized one day I'm not sure I want my kids hearing all the ranting that comes along with talk radio. I'd rather then remember 'the sermons they overheard that Mommy was listening to.' ;-)
It will often take me 3 days to finish one sermon, but sometimes that's even better. Gives me lots of time to really have it soak in.
Anyway, that series is amazing and I'm only 3 sermons in.

Miles is 6 months old so that means I'm hitting the working out routine again! Did that sound enthusiastic? Because if I'm being honest, its not. I want to work out. I love how much better I feel when I do... but I hate that it becomes something else I need to do. Yes, I'm lazy. For those of you who didn't know it yet.
I'm going to start with Jillian Michaels again. She, so far, is the only woman who can get me going and keep me going with working out. Her 30 Day Shred is a great way to begin a work out routine. I typically do that for 10+ days and then gradually add more of her videos. As long as we keep getting such nice, sunny weather, the kids and I will be taking 2 mile walks. They love walking and I love being outdoors, so it works for all of us.
My issue is keeping them focused and moving forward. The other day I felt like I was on a walk with 4 puppies; we had to stop every few feet to look at a new leaf and talk about how all our neighbors animals look so different with more hair on their bodies. Its definitely educational, just not as much of a workout ;-)
I've never been a person who does diets, so after having babies I firmly rely on working out.
I'm trying to be careful with my sugar intake and by "being careful" I mean, instead of 4 scoops of ice cream at night, I give myself two. I wish I was kidding.

Since we're already talking about food, I might as well say that I'm every day thrilled I finally started cooking Pioneer Woman recipes! My family is glad too.
Her recipes are so yummy and so hearty and easy to change. Sometimes I omit some of the ingredients or I add something she's not added, but for the most part, I follow them pretty closely. Everything is always tasty and hearty, which is what we like. Every once in a while when I'm watching her show, I dream about moving WAY out into the country. Jason is a cowboy and our kids are out every day helping him run the land. Its a nice dream. I doubt it will ever 'come true', but its fun to think about.
The other day Jason and Ethan were in back stacking all our firewood behind the shed and cleaning the yard {getting it ready for winter} and I loved seeing them do that together. Ethan really enjoys 'helping Dad'. Hearing them talk as they work  is something I never tire from. Its pretty priceless to see the two of them together. Ethan came in and announced "I am SO hungry, Mommy. I feel like I could eat a whole cow." I love hearing him talk that way ;-)

We never did make it to the pumpkin patch this year. I planned on it several times, but when we got back from CA we kind of hit the ground running and I felt like it took 3 weeks to play catch up with life. Funny how I was more disappointed about not going than my kids were. We bought 6 little pumpkins at Trader Joe's and painted them with finger paint and my kids didn't seemed bothered at all by it. I wonder how often I make a bigger deal out of things than they do....

We still have pictures from California that we need to upload. We've not slacked because we took bad pictures... our iPhoto on the laptop isn't working right now :( As soon as Jason figures out why, I can download/upload them. It was such a fun trip and I'm anxious to share pictures!

**Oh! I'm working on adding more music to my player on here. If you have any favorite song/artists requests, please put them in and I'll add them.

Happy November everyone! 

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Erin said...

I can't believe it either. Now Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK AWAY. Yikes.


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