all things edible. yes please.

 Today we met our hairdresser, photographer friend {do you like the way we introduce you, Candice?} in Seattle and visited the Gingerbread Village! It was so neat to see the way all these bakers created these amazing gingerbread houses and more! Every single thing on these displays is edible.
To me that was the most amazing part. Because they had to get really creative with some of the things they used. I think there was a large amount of fondant that was used :)

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 The Little Mermaid


 Beauty and the Beast 

 Brother's Grimm. 


Alice in Wonderland. 

 The rainbow tower was made with lifesavers. 
It was my favorite. 

 Anyone have a guess what the tops of this house are made of? 
I couldn't figure it out. 

 the outside mall area. 

   Kara had an attitude, hence the back of her head only.

    Came out of Rite Aid around 3:30 and noticed the storm had passed.

2 {comments}:

Erin said...

The Beast's castle is incredible. The jelly beans?! SO COOL. I agree that the lifesaver tower on the other castle is awesome, too.
It that Alladin, with the bulb tops you are asking about? I think those are probably blown sugar. Which is crazy.

Brooke said...

The kids loved looking at all those! Even Doug was amazed and would like to see them in person :).

We're thinking the 'bubbles' on top of aladdin's castle are blown sugar - like blown glass is made from hot, liquid sand?

We liked Narnia and agree the rainbow tower of lifesavers was cool :)


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