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Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We decided to be totally predictable and surprise family for the holiday. Thankfully for us my family didn't assume we'd do that two years in a row and was completely shocked to see us. So we pulled it off in a good way :)

Coolest thing about this post? I'm in the car, as a passenger, posting as we head home. Crazy technology.

Jason's family knew we were coming, which was fun. We got to plan with them and let a little of the anticipation out. We left Washington last Friday morning {not terribly early} and drove to Vancouver to meet up with a childhood friend, Kirsten. Childhood as in, Jason met her shortly after she was born and we baby sat her when we were younger. Yes. We're old.
Finally got to meet her cute daughter Ivy and enjoyed a nice lunch together.

After leaving Vancouver we slowly {due to traffic} made our way to Medford, where we spent the night at a motel. We loved breaking the trip up into two days. Even though it took longer, it was much more relaxing and definitely easier with a nursing baby on board. We arrived at Jason's parents house feeling refreshed instead of dead.

Check out the amazing views over the pass in Oregon! 

    feeding some food to baby brother.

    we're even crazier when we've been in the car too long.

at dinner in Roseburg, OR 

our last stop before arriving at Grandpa & Grandma's house. 
Starbucks for treats, caffeine and chess :)

Kids did great on the trip down. Miles slept a lot, we watched movies, read books, played the alphabet game, admired the scenery and just enjoyed time as a family.

Thankfully we like road trips because it takes a pretty long one to go see people we love. 

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