Christmas in California ~ at the Arnolds

Our time with family always seems to fly by way too fast, but we're thankful even for the shorter visits.
We arrived at Jason's parents house Saturday night and were greeted with hugs and screams and so much excitement. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jenny were able to spend the whole time with us there as well, which was a double bonus!

   took these two pictures in the "cry room" at Grandpa and Grandma's church on Sunday morning.

    my babies.

 Uncle Jeff is pretty much the world's best Uncle. 
He's always playing with the kids, telling them fun stories and  
makes them feel like the most important kids in the world. We love him. 

    in his Christmas pj's!

 Uncle, Aunt, Nephews and Nieces, oh my! 

 with Grandma and Grandpa 

 we rubbed off on them. Or maybe we got it from them? ;-) 

    Jeff sang a song for us that he wrote right after Miles was born. It was beautiful and brought
   this Mama to tears. Thank you, Jeff!

    Great Grandma couldn't get over how "lindo!" {beautiful} Miles is. 
She loved his blue eyes and blond hair and frequent smiles he shot her :)
I know our friends in WA won't believe this, but Miles has entered a very clingy 
stage of life and pretty much isn't happy if Mommy isn't holding him. 
I know its normal at 8 months and if he takes after his sister {Kara} it will stick 
around until he's 3. Such is life. 

When we're at Jason's parents house I feel like a little kid again. 
I used to take Spanish class there when I was 14 and I remember going over to 
play with Jenny when I was just a bit older than that. 
Then there's the memories of falling in love with their son ;-) 

Its really neat to sit there and see my kids making memories in the same place he and I did. 

 Celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve! 
Miles enjoyed opening his first presents. 

   Grandpa & Grandma showing the kids what's waiting at home for them in our shed in Washington :)

 Christmas Eve dinner with this cutie pie :) 

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Cindy Marsch said...

Miles is inspiringly adorable--I just love his face! :-) I have great memories from the Arnolds' house, too, and from your parents' as well, but the photos look like your parents are in a different spot or have remodeled pretty extensively. :-)

Happy New Year! (Have you taken a peek at all the wedding photos I've posted on FB? I bet both sets of your parents would enjoy them. :-) )

Stef said...

Thanks Cindy! I need to go check. Lately Facebook shows me the same stuff all day long and rarely refreshes to new things. Its rather annoying :(

W and J said...

Miles is absolutely precious!! He is so stinking cute!!


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