Christmas in California ~ at the Bettis

We arrived at my parent's house Christmas morning. We called them from their front yard and told them we were ready to Skype with them to open gifts. While we waited in the yard, my Uncle 'remembered' something he left in his car outside ;-) He came outside and we all walked in the house behind him, but he carried Miles and when he got in the house he said to my Mom, "look what I found in your front yard!" My Mom's reaction was awesome. She first had a totally confused look on her face. Almost like, "who's baby is he holding?" and then I stuck my head out and when she saw me, she got it. Screams, tears, hugs, laughter - made the LONG trip and the 2 months of planning totally worth it.

Between Jason's Dad turning 60 this month and my whole family being together for the first time in about 5 years, we decided Christmas in California was a definite must. And even though the traveling is really difficult, being with family makes it totally worth it.

    My Aunt Julie and her 'baby' Sarah :)

Opening gifts with my parents. 

    While an intense Nertz game ensues.

    his very first chess set!

   my lovely sister Trish. I love so much about her. Not just because she's my sister.
   But because of God's beautiful grace I see growing in her and the ways she loves so deeply.

    It feels like just yesterday these tweens and teenagers were the toddlers.

    Christmas ice cream cones, compliments of the Schafers!

    Papa & Nana with 11 of their 12 Grandkids. My brother's daughter lives out of the country :(

    Arnold, Smoak and Thomas kids.

 my youngest cousin Sarah. 

 The day after Christmas Kara did some shopping with Mommy. 
She had the most fun trying on heals at DSW :) 

 Mr Cap was in town visiting his daughter Jill and we enjoyed a visit from them as well! 
Ethan told me it was weird seeing Mr Cap in person - he's used to always talking 
to him over the phone :) 

    My handsome {going to be 13 year old} nephew, Sam. I was there the day he was born and
    cannot believe its been almost 13 years.

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W and J said...

Awwww the picture of your parents with all their grandbabies is my favorite!!! Such a wonderful gift to surprise them!


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