Drive-by lights

Jason and I decided to put the kids to bed super early Sunday night. 
In our home that's around 7:15 since bedtime is usually 8:30 or 9pm. 
We told the kids we needed them to be in bed so we could work on a secret treat. 
I'm telling you, we might do this more often because it was the smoothest bedtime, ever! 
When they were in bed Miles got his bath and hot chocolate was made. 
We went in their rooms at 8pm and told them to put their robes on - we were taking them out! 

Oh, the excitement :) 
I get such a charge seeing them experience these things for the first time. 

{Don't worry, Miles had water}

   The top one is because we like to appear normal. The bottom one is what we're really like.

As they were running out to the car, we heard a bunch of squealing. You could hear Kara, "this the best night!" and Rachel, "thank you SO much Daddy!" I think they were more excited to bring hot cocoa in the car with them ;-)

    I felt really bad waking him up... he was all tuckered out for the night. 
Reason #2,344,998 why we love him. He goes with the flow really, really well. 

these two houses were our favorites, but the bottom one won the night! 
Their neighbors did lights on their garage that read: "That's all?" with an arrow pointing to this house :) 

We didn't map out our drive and while I'm sure that's fun, just wandering around our area was 
incredibly fun. Not really sure where we were going and exploring some places for the first time. 

5 {comments}:

Emily said...

We're doing the same thing tomorrow night!!! I can't wait!

Nicola said...

How fun! We're the only ones with lights up, so not sure if that would work real well. Oh well. Maybe someday.
Love the picture of the kiddos with their hot chocolate! Very cute.

Jen said...

I just have to tell you I LOVE LOVE this idea and when I told Mat about it last night we both decided that we are going to do it tonight. Thank you so much for sharing. I am sure my kids will thank you too :)

Stef said...

you're welcome, Jen! Our Pastor and his wife did this with their boys last week and I remembered how fun it was when my parents did this stuff and it was so fun. I think the simple things are the best - as long as we do them together. Surprisingly our kids don't really need the expensive, fancy stuff :)

Gideon said...

Love love love!!! You guys are an inspiration!


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