Great Wolf Lodge

We had so much fun last year, we decided to make it a winter tradition!
After Thanksgiving we ventured to Great Wolf Lodge and had so much fun. Its a place that gets more fun the older your kids get. Ethan is now tall enough to ride ALL the slides and I was thrilled to see him go on all of them. Even the one with a huge drop... in the dark! He blew me away with that one.

   As soon as we got there the kids wanted to run to the slides, but Miles needed to sleep.
   So I got to sit by the fire and read my book in total silence. Ahhhh, vacation.

 fun on the top bunk

What I love most about this place is that you get here and would never need to leave. 
Unless you're cheap like we are and would rather buy cheaper food outside the resort. 
Its also an easy trip to pack for because you wear suits the whole time. 
The night before we left I, jokingly, told the kids "go back your suitcase!" 
and to my surprise, they all came out with very well packed bags. 
They remembered all the essentials, so I decided to not change a thing. 
They were so proud :) 

   Ethan's new love: the Kindle. He reads to his sisters a lot, which is pretty awesome.

 this is just part of the water park. You can see why we have so much fun here :) 

 With the Groupon deal Jason bought, we got free lunch both days we were there! 
It was easily a $50 deal. 

    taking a rest while baby brother nurses. She told me she was just resting up more energy.

the results are in! he loves the water :) 

It was such a fabulous trip. This year we stayed two nights and really liked the extra time. 
I was most surprised no one came home, sick. 
I feel like every time we stay in a hotel we invite germs in. 
Looks like the zinc, elderberry, daily vitamins and cod liver oil are working this winter! ;-) 

our amazing little traveler. 

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Kiara Buechler said...

Oh my goodness, Miles is so dang cute in his swim clothes! I have been wanting to go to GWL for a while now, I think I shall make it happen!


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