Miles: eight months

Miles! My sweet boy, you're 8 months old. 
As we get closer to the 12 month mark I feel like I'm holding my breath. Not because I don't want you to be 1... but I don't really want you to be 1. 
Its SO fun enjoying you as our sweet little baby - I promise we will still love you as you get older :) 

You've been changing a lot these days; I'm having to jot down notes throughout the day and keep your 1-year calendar in the kitchen so I won't forget any important dates of milestones. 
You're right on the cusp of really crawling all over the place. Right now you scoot and crawl backwards, but the other day you shocked us by pulling yourself up using a chair and standing! 
Your sisters were screaming and clapping with excitement, which only spurred you on. 

Your sleep patters have had their ups and downs this past month. I think your two bottom teeth had something to do with that. Once they came in, we were able to get you on a nice sleeping schedule and you're doing much better. You take 3 naps during the day. Morning and afternoon are the longest and then you usually take an hour nap in the early evening.

You're eating like a champ! You nurse every 3-4 hours during the day {usually closer to 3} and at night you get up once or twice to nurse, which is so much better than the 5-6 you were doing last month :(
You're eating solids, just not with a lot of texture. You're my first baby to truly love your food pureed. Every time I try more solid food, you spit it out and let me know you don't like it.
You drink water from a sippy cup and feel quite proud of yourself every time :)

 You love all your siblings, for sure, but you definitely have a real connection and special place in your heart for Ethan. Your whole world lights up when he walks into the room. If Ethan is away all day, you actually seem unsettled and when he walks in the front door, its like peace is restored :)
You think he's hysterically funny {which sometimes only encourages his ridiculous behavior} and you're pretty much content as long as Ethan is with you.

Ethan feels the same about you. He wants to bring you every where with him, tells strangers in the store that you're his baby brother, likes to play cars with you when you first wake up in the morning, he loves sharing a room with you. His only real complaint is that you're 7 years younger than him :)

 All dressed up for church

You're such a sweetheart, Miles. You love people, but like to let them know you love Mommy most by laying your head on my shoulder and grabbing my arm when someone says hi to you.
You have beautiful, bright blue eyes and super long eye lashes {thank you, Daddy} and your wispy blonde hair makes me laugh with all its fly aways.

 See! I have hair! 

   Kara is very sad that you're definitely too heavy for her to hold while standing up.

    Left: grabbed Daddy's beer bottle and decided you loved the taste.
   Right: Daddy took the bottle away and replaced it with a water bottle.

   You and Ethan play cars together on your mat first thing. He usually talks to you in your crib for a
   few minutes and then you work your charm and he gets you out and plays with you.

 One of your favorite things to do: 
Watch Ethan play outside. In this picture he's throwing the football. 
You're very eager to go play with him. 

    You love to brush your teeth A.K.A chewing on your toothbrush.

   Playtime in your crib. Just like your older siblings, you entertain yourself quite well in your crib.

   You love to see yourself in our closet mirrors, so this particular day I needed to get my hair done
   and you weren't happy with me, so I gave you my little mirror and it kept you entertained for
   quite sometime!

    As I mentioned above... pulling, climbing and standing. We're in trouble.

   I saw you standing at a chair the other day and called your brother and sister to come line up next
   to you. I love the obvious sudden age gap you can see between you and Kara :)

We love you so much, buddy!

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