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I have no idea why I'm writing this. I saw it on another blog and enjoyed reading hers, so I thought it would be fun to do my own. Poser moment, what can I say?

Maybe I should title it "10 things about the weekend" - I used to post about our weekends and between getting tired of it and feeling like some things are better when kept more private, I stopped.

Either way, here are 10 random facts about our weekend.

1.) The ladies in our Community Group got together and had a great time. The food was amazing and time of fellowship, even better. I'm blessed to know a group of very real, genuinely sweet ladies who inspire me in my walk with Christ. 

2.) Stayed up too late Friday night acting like a teenager with my husband #noregrets 

3.) Saturday morning we split our family up and ran in two different directions. Never my choice of how to do things, but so thankful for a healthy boy able to go to his first basketball game, two working cars and a husband who gave up his plans at church to help me out. 

4.) Discovering Miles has pink eye. Thankful for a mild case that went away within 48 hours. The amazing cure was breast milk, people. God really knows what he's doing. 

5.) Our church hosted a day of training for men. Jason came home totally excited about the things he learned, the truths he was reminded of, and the joy he has in his role as husband and daddy. 

6.) babysitting our friends' kids, baking cookies with the girls, watching new movies, 6 kids playing hide-and-go-seek, and dinner that all 9 people enjoyed. win, Win, WIN!!  

7.) Rearranging furniture in the house to fit our needs better = Priceless
My kitchen is now easier to function in and doesn't feel like its lacking in as much cupboard space as it is. 

8.) A growing baby makes sleeping at night kind of a thing of the past. 

9.) Coffee becomes an actual necessity because of #8 

10.) A Sunday with church followed by naps and totally relaxing around the house, just the 6 of us was a glorious end to the weekend. 

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