We had our first sick visit to the Dr with Miles :(
About 4 days ago I noticed his right eye started looking a bit swollen. First I thought he scratched it, or bumped it. But then the next day, I saw green goop in the corner. Ugh.
Since he had no cold or any congestion, I dismissed it as not being conjunctivitis since that comes from getting the cold in your eye. But we're not sick and he's not sick.

Apparently babies who crawl all over and then stick their hands in their eyes can kind of pick up germs wherever they go ;-)

Anyway, we went to his Pediatrician today and he said he's got a very mild case of pink eye. He ordered an RX for us, but said I could continue the breast milk drops since they seem to be helping. My poor Pediatrician thinks I'm crazy with all my homeopathic remedies, but if I can save the $ and drug use, I will.
So far its helping. I put some of my milk in a medicine dropper and then 2-3 times a day {when he sleeps} I drop a couple drops in the far corner of his eye, nearest his nose. Today he has no goopiness which is awesome. His eye ball is a bit red, but our Dr said normally its totally swollen, crusty and terribly gross looking. I'll take a mild case of anything, thank-you-very-much.

I got a kick out of his Dr visit. He is totally nervous to be there and doesn't like the Dr touching him or looking in his ears, eyes, nose, throat, etc... but he refuses to cry. Such a brave boy.
So he holds my hands and lays there and just stares down and breaths deeply.
As soon as our Dr was done and said "Ok! You can go home now!" Miles started waving and saying "bye-bye" frantically.
Reminds me so much of Kara. Ethan would just freak. Even with me there. I used to think, "gosh, I'm your Mom. Why do you think I'd allow someone to hurt you?!" But as long as I'm there, Kara is cool.
She lets whoever is with her know she's not happy by her stares and stiff behavior, but if Dad or Mom is with her, she's okay.

So we're home now. Its a pretty chill Saturday and we got all our house work done this week, so we actually get to chill while Daddy's at church for a Men's Training day.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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Brooke said...

Hi Stef,
I've heard good things about breast milk for pink eye. I also used this treatment each time I or my kids got pink eye. Always worked like a charm and never had to use antibiotics from dr....
- allow a cup of chamomile tea to completely cool.
- strain ver well thru layers of cloth or coffee filter so that tea is completely clear
- using an eyedropper, put 2 drops of the tea in each eye, 3x a day
- tea can be refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Stef said...

Thank you, Brooke! I will buy some tea tomorrow and try this. For now I really do feel like the breast milk is totally helping. I do have the RX on hand if I need them.

Erin said...

Gee! Miles is adorable even with pink eye!
I hope he gets well soon, and the yuck doesn't spread to everyone!


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