Its been a while.

The weather has been so sunny this month, just very cold. 
If you can go out and stay in the sun, its not bad at all. 
But if you get stuck in the shade, its freezing. 

The kids and I went to Seattle and as we left the bright sunshine at our house, 
we got to the bridge and freaked out a bit when it looked like this... 

I called Jason at work and said "what's the weather like there?" 
and he told me, "its gorgeous; sunny, a few clouds, just beautiful." 
I had a hard time believing that because where we were on the bridge was 
only a few miles outside of Seattle. 

and yet.... 
it was true. so weird.


   we have a donut and coffee place we've simply missed too much and had to visit.
Miles is the reindeer you see strapped to me :) 

we love the flowers. 


We walked by the cheese factory and realized they added a neat area where you can actually watching the people making the cheese curd. Then they shred it and then sample it. So what we got to see them do, we then ate a few minutes later. Super fun! We didn't like the taste though :-\

    she said she was getting a tan.

We walked all over and explored new places we've never seen! We found a walk way that the kids referred to as 'a secret walkway' that takes you way up from the Market, all the way down by the water.

 and there was beautiful sights to see along that walk! 

and then eventually, you head back toward the city and wharf. 

 Miles isn't being anti-social. He's napping. 

    Kara thought for sure that building was on fire. I took this picture to explain it to her later.

    didn't mean to get the sign in the picture. oh well. Just look way out at the snow :)

Riding the merry-go-round is kind of a must when you're in Seattle.
I still can't get over putting all three kids on it and just walking away. I kept asking "does anyone want me to stand with them?" - "no thanks Mommy. We're not babies."
Hard for Mom to get over, I guess. Seattle,

I think its cute that when we're in Seattle, my kids think of their Grandparents. They tell me it reminds them of them because always bring them here. I think we've brought my parents here every time they've visited. To the point where Kara actually thought for a long time that they lived IN Seattle :) 
Its a fun City. And fun to live so close to it.

But alas, we had to leave. Ethan had basketball practice and they all had AWANA, so we had to say goodbye. We do plan to go back soon and explore a few more areas we've never been. The kids goal is to do it all while walking. They want to park the car and then walk the entire way, so we'll see!

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Nicola said...

What a beautiful day! I love the tanning pic of Rachel! Way to cute.

Charlotte said...

I love the photo of the reflection of you guys walking!. What a lovely day! Savor this... with a 10th grader and 8th grader I feel like there is so much pressure to get our school stuff completed each day. It seems like going out, just because, haven't happened here much. Maybe I need a day to play hooky.... :-)

Stef said...

Charlotte, for that reason I'm really trying to soak up these days! When I see Mamas with a couple toddlers I already think that- enjoy these days!


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