Miles ::9 months::

Oh Miles. Here we are at the 9 month mark and you're giving me a run for my money!

You're quite a busy boy; very eager to keep up with your older siblings.
You've decided in the past week that you would like to walk. But then you can't walk. But you don't like to admit that, so you try anyway... and you fall on your face. You have little red marks and bruises all over your cheeks and forehead. Something tells me we'll be making Emergency room visits with you far more than we did with your brother and sisters.
You also like to climb... everything. So we have to be careful where we let you play because if you can climb it, you will.

 You're cutting a few more teeth which has caused for some fussiness and bedtime seems to be rough. I have no idea if this is in connection with teething, but you've been fighting sleep at night. Like, going to sleep. Sometimes we're up until midnight with you, trying to get you to give up and go to sleep.
Once you go to sleep you sleep a good 6 hours before you wake up to nurse and go back to sleep.

**outside of teething though, you've still never been sick. Not even a head cold. I'm thrilled about that, but starting to wonder if it means your 2nd year of life will bring sickness with it? I know... such a pessimist.

You're nursing very well. I'm totally impressed and excited about that. Its been a journey you and I worked through and its been amazing.
You also eat food like crazy. I feed you about 6 meals a day, its insane. You officially consume more food than Kara. Having a good eater is awesome, but definitely time consuming. Once I clean up the mess from making the food and feeding you the food, you're ready for another meal.

You're trying to say words. If we tell you how to say something you start trying to mimic us, which is so cute and reminds me of Ethan. He did the same thing. You still say "dada" a lot. You adore Daddy, which probably has something to do with that being your favorite word ;-)

E-ta = Ethan
A-cha = Rachel
Ta-ta = Kara
Da = dog

You wave bye bye and say hi, you shake your head no when we say no-no to you {so cute} and when music comes on your shake your bottom and head and dance to it.

When you want more food or just need to get our attention you've learned a 'lovely', high pitched scream that I'm sure the neighbors enjoy hearing.

You've recently started looking like such a big boy to me. The other night I went into your room when you were sleeping and couldn't get over how big you looked.

I love you so much, Miles. Looking forward to seeing what month 10 brings!

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Jessica said...

Oh man! I want to come see you and your family so badly! Love seeing your pictures and reading your stories.
Maybe this year will bring about a road trip...

Stef said...

we would LOVE another visit from you guys!!

Nicola said...

What a sweet boy. Love the pictures.


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