the journey home

Happy New Year! 
Thought I'd post some pictures from our trip back home to WA. 

Okay, so the drive to and from California is long. I'm learning that I very much have a love/hate relationship with highway 5. I think most people just hate it. For me, its the road that brings us to our families and people we love and then brings us back home to Washington. That's the 'love' part.
The 'hate' part is that it takes 14+ hours to get down that long road to those people we love.

We've done this drive so many different times and so many different ways its crazy. We've started at 3:30AM and driven straight through, we've left at bedtime and driven through the night, we've slept in and left at regular hours and arrived home around midnight. And then on this trip we split the drive down into two days. We've decided that while breaking it up into two days is longer, its definitely much better. Possibly because we have a nursing infant, but nonetheless, at this point of our lives, its better for us.

this one was taken the night we left my parents house and drove to Chico. 
We spent the night at Uncle Jeff & Aunt Jenny's house 
so we could have a 3 hour head start in the morning. 

Good morning Chico! 

 So this is about 5 hours in. Hence the smiley faces. 

    maybe this is what made us crazy. this drive TOO many times.

 The drive home was long. Very long. For some reason there were moments for me where it felt unbearable. My bones were aching, my head hurt, my ears were ringing, my fingers ached from clutching the steering wheel - it was bad. Usually Jason and I talk each other's ears off, Jason reads to me, we watch (listen to) movies, etc... but this time, after 10 hours, I just felt like "I can't go any further." 

I know I'm being dramatic, but if you've ever done an almost 18 hour drive in one day, 
you'll sympathize :) 

who knew a steering wheel could provide so much 
entertainment for an 8 month old?! 

    a cool shot Jason took at one of the rest stops in Oregon.

   our little snow bunny.

    in the middle of Oregon, still in pajamas, eating at a rest stop.

    coffee + prayer makes this drive doable.

    we were happy to find places like Chipotle along the way. 
Its our version of fast food :) 

this is highway 5. 
the road we take to see our families. 
the long road that stretches through many states. 
the road we take to get back home. 
its a necessary evil :)

I hope you all had a fun and safe time ringing in the New Year!
We're welcoming 2013 with a slow, quiet family day.
Rachel had an ear ache all night long, with a slight fever and woke up with a full
on head cold. So we're taking the start to the new year very relaxed.
Its the first child sickness we've had all winter, so all things considered, not bad. 

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W and J said...

Gorgeous pictures!! And glad you were able to divide it into two days. And I totally get the unbearableness of things as well. Like you're about to spontaneously combust or something. Glad you made it safe and sound!!


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