the new year.

Do you ever think its weird that we start the first day of the new year totally exhausted, feeling hungover from too much excitement the night before? Its like, "Happy New Year!" now go away, my head is pounding.

I know some people who don't actually 'ring in the new year' {totally fine} and so January 1st is a very productive day for them. For us its been a mixture of both totally lazy and very productive.

We partied at our friend's house until 1AM {thank you Deans!}, came home and the kids, for the first time in Arnold history, all put themselves to put. Ok so Miles didn't. But he nursed and went right to sleep.
Rachel woke up in the night complaining that her ear hurt. She was up through the night, crying off and on and today she's not moved from the couch, poor thing.

Nick & Ally face-off in Pictionary. 

the kids made it to Midnight! This is Kara around 12:30, just before we left our friend's house. 

I made egg burritos for breakfast, did the kitchen clean-up and declared it a victory.
Bedrooms have been dug through and cleaned
Broken toys tossed out
a Goodwill pile was made
the office no longer looks like a creepy storage room
the Christmas tree is gone. piano is back in its rightful place.
our master bedroom is clutter free -if it stays that way until tomorrow night I will also declare that a victory. 
Jason took Kara out on a date to Lowes. I think Top Pot donuts were in there somewhere as well.
They came home and she willingly crawled into my bed for a nap. Thank you, New Year's Eve.
I thought about doing laundry several times. Does that count?

Miles found a toy he loves. Thanks for sharing, Evelyn! 

But most of us are still in pj's. Netflix has gotten very good use this morning for Rachel, and Ethan has enjoyed the fact that his sister gets to watch unlimited TV and has been hiding out next to her, hoping I don't notice. I'm enjoying how calm and quiet the house is, so he thinks he's getting away with murder, but I'm allowing it.
Miles is on nap #2. So glad he seems to be getting back into his normal, pre-California visit routine.

Do you make new year's resolutions? I usually don't. And if I do its more like bucket lists for that year.
My friend Justin posted his friend's blog post about his resolutions and it had me LOL. Definitely my kind of list. Dustin and Melissa used to go to church with us before he moved to San Diego. I hate you, San Diego. You take all the good ones.
Anyway, I only met him and his wife a few times and Jason and I did our childcare interview with him before we starting serving in childcare. His blog is fun, check it out.

Here's my list. 

Now you see why I don't usually make resolutions.

Happy New Year everyone :) 

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W and J said...

Sounds about right {minus the sickies} for our 1st day of the New Year as well. Heck, I was exhausted from all the fun by Christmas day...but I'm blaming baby for that one ;) But we definitely were asleep by 10 the night before. I think the last time we stayed up was when we were on our cruise for our honeymoon?! Party animals, we are!! :)


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