Miles: 10 months

Hey Buddy! Here we are at the close countdown to your 1st birthday! Crazy.
You're suddenly acting like such a big boy and I now understand all the conversations Moms have had where they talk about their boys and how if they turn around for one second, their house will be torn to bits. For us, that was always Kara. Or Rachel with Kara. But, we officially have a boy who is very much a little destroyer of all things he comes into contact with. You are very determined and very active when you're awake.
Daddy was taking care of you the other day and he texted me this: "wow, when Miles is awake you really can't take your eyes off him for one second." - so true.

On the bright side, you have such a happy spirit and its quite infectious. Your smile brightens up a room and we have people stop us all the time at the store to tell us how adorable you are and how gorgeous your eyes are. I'm hoping it stops soon because I'm worried it will go to your head. Its definitely gone to mine ;-)

You were hit with your first bad head cold and its had its miserable moments, but you've been a trooper  and aside from not sleeping well a few nights, you've handled the fevers, congestion and body aches quite well. And, you shared it with me! Such a nice boy, haha.
You had a couple nights in a row where  you were having trouble breathing through your nose and so your choice of sleeping was propped up on my chest. Which was bliss for me, but the not-so-blissful part was that I didn't sleep two nights in a row. So it wasn't really shocking when I ended up sick.

As you can see from the picture below, you're quite adventurous. That's a nice way of saying you're constantly trying to kill yourself.
You get in dangerous, compromising situations the moment we take our eyes off you and you put EVERYthing in your mouth. I would complain, but you're such a good eater, I can only assume you're just checking if its food or not.
You respond pretty well when we tell you something is a no-no and rarely return to the scene of the crime... you just typically move on to another crime scene ;-)
You've also learned about heights and are understanding when you need to stop when you get to the edge of places. This is a huge relief because Kara didn't learn this concept until she was over a year and so she had a few repeat accidents in the same spots.
You're the first Arnold baby to learn and use sign language {and that's only because your older siblings watch the Baby Sign DVDs with you and then help me teach you throughout the day}

You're sleeping so much better at night - going mostly through the night, waking anywhere from 6 and 7am for your first feeding of the day.

You've ridden in a stroller twice in your whole life. We love our Ergos!

You wear 12-18 month clothes. Not because you're so chubby, but because you're so tall.

You nurse really well still. I'm quite proud of us there. Its been a trying journey in some spots, but overall such a success!

You haven't tried the nursery yet, though I think we're getting close. I'm not eager to have you catching colds and germs every week yet ;-) and the time I get to spend with just you is quite precious.

You were probably your sickest here, but still woke up your  normal, cheerful self. 

You crawled into the bathroom one night and then pulled yourself up on the vanity. You slowly realized you could sit down on this stool and every time you did it, you were so proud of yourself. You'd clap and look around, making sure everyone thought you were cool :)

Happy 10 months, Miles! We love you so much.

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Cindy Marsch said...

Very sweet! The explorations remind me of a favorite photo of David at something like 8-10 months. He's sitting in front of his dresser, back to the camera, gleefully pulling things out and throwing them overhead behind him, surrounded by his mess. :-) He's 21 now, a few minutes later. ;-)

Nicola said...

What a cutie. Love the picture of him sleeping with you. So adorable.


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