photo shoot "bloopers"

These are from our Christmas photo shoot. Our photographer friend gave me the CD with all of them on it, but we had just gotten back from CA and life set in and got rather busy. I just looked at them all and have so many I want to frame now! I wanted to share some that I thought were super funny.

Jason was is famous for photobombing in this way....

so the phrase "like Father, like son!" applies here. 

this sequence made me LOL. 
Candice doesn't always pose people.
She also doesn't tell you how to stand or how to smile. 
I like that about her. She capture real moments
and our kids tend to do what they normally do, which is funny... usually. 
This was SO true to life, I really laughed-out-loud when I saw it. 
see the look on Miles' face?! Yes. 

and I think he's been wanting to do this for quite some time....

this shot is what really got me. 
Kara's honor has been impuned. 
Ethan realizes what's happened and has yanked Miles away from Kara's face. 
So now Miles is just annoyed with the whole thing. 
Rachel stands and smiles, nervously. 
Jason and I kiss, oblivious in the background.  

this is life, folks.

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W and J said...

Bloopers are some of my favorite pictures!! Probably more so than the perfect ones that end up on the Christmas card!! ;) These are awesome!!

Stef said...

Thanks Jess - I agree!

Emily said...

I can't stop laughing!!! I love these so much!!!

Project Thursday said...

Ha! Love your family!


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