Easter Sunday 2013

This year we greeted Easter with the stomach flu! Yeah... not as fun as I made it sound. 

My parents were here visiting the week before Easter and mid-way through their visit, my Mom had a day where she felt really off. Her stomach hurt and she had no appetite, but nothing else to report.
A couple days later Miles began throwing up. I wasn't sure if he was sick or reacting to new food he ate. He vomited all night long, every 45 minutes. 
Then nothing for a few days. 

The night before Easter Sunday Rachel went to bed and woke up an hour later, vomiting. Ah, the flu for sure. We were planning to host 15+ people at our house the next day for a big ham dinner, followed by a bonfire in the backyard. So I quickly started sending out texts and emails at 11pm, letting everyone know we had to cancel. Huge bummer, but life nonetheless. 

We put Rachel on the sick bed on the floor in our room and took turns getting up with her every hour to help her and get her cozy back in bed. I have to say, the stomach flu gets so much cleaner and easier when the kids get older. The mess is contained to a bowl. The drama is over and done with in about 30 seconds and clean-up is pretty simple. Gross, but simple. 

Miles woke up bright and early Sunday morning and I knew instantly I would definitely need my iced coffee. Threw on my shoes and took him on a quick drive to give Mama some instant {fake} energy

    Its times like these that I am very thankful for live, online streaming from church.

    Apparently Pastor Mark puts Miles to sleep ;-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Rachel woke up feeling fine, so we put our church clothes on, 
took some pictures and had our Resurrection egg hunt. 

8 years 

6 1/2

4 1/2 {she didn't want an alone picture} 

    Finally captured a picture of all 4.

Happy Easter! 

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Charlotte said...

You're kids are too cute! And you are so right about the flu getting easier as they get older....that I can tell you for sure definitely gets easier as they age! :-)

Stef said...

Thank you, Charlotte!


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