Eleven Months {Miles}

Dear Miles,

  You're 1 month away from turning 1 year old! I keep saying it. I say it to Daddy, I say it to your siblings and I say it to our friends. It still hasn't sunk in. I'm in denial, and yet I can admit that I am and just move on.

You're getting to be such a big boy and yet still retaining a lot of baby qualities.
You are SO cuddly. You love to have your hand held in the car, you lay on shoulders, cuddle up before nap/bedtime, you love to be held around the house, you still lay with Daddy and me during the night and very much seem the happiest there.
But you're adding more and more big boy things each day. We noticed the other day, you are definitely standing a lot more and 'walking' around the house with the use of random toys or furniture. When we put you down, in a standing position, you stand by yourself for a few seconds before carefully sitting down, and you definitely climb a lot more than you used to.

You eat like none of our other kids ever ate. You're content if someone is feeding you every other hour and you've broken every 'rule' I used to follow with the other kids so far.
You had eggs before you were supposed to.
Peanut butter is a favorite.
other dairy products that are apparently a no-no.
You have only 3 teeth that are fully in and yet you chew through regular food like nobody's business.
Right now you're cutting 8... yes, I said EIGHT new teeth. It explains the need for more naps and cuddle time, that's for sure!

You're still nursing! This is the longest I've ever nursed one of my babies, which is pretty cool.
Ethan went a little over 2 months, Rachel made it 4, Kara stopped just shy of 11 and here you are, at 11 months, nursing strong. I'm really proud of you and me, because lets be honest, it hasn't always been easy.

You love to explore the house and you have a soft spot for the electronics on our TV stand. We've been working on "no touching", which has gone really well, but as soon as Papa & Nana arrived for a visit, you began testing us again to see how serious we were. You babies are so smart!

You have the cutest little baby talk ever. You try to say words and when a bunch of baby gibberish comes out, as long as we act like we understand, you seem quite pleased.

You pretty much adore being outdoors. Ethan has been taking you out back to play and explore with him and you are the happiest I've ever seen you when you're outside. You love birds, dogs, cats, trees, outside toys and pretty much all cars and trucks. The garbage truck totally thrills you.

Reflecting over this past year makes me so thankful to see the ways that God has blessed our family with you in it. We love you so much!

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Gina said...

11 mos is unbelievable! And yet Hannah & I are right there with you. This year has flown by so quickly & I feel like Miles turning one is happening too quickly & yet he seems to have been here so much longer. I think it's because he was a long time coming & such a super blessing after so much loss. Glad he's holding onto some "baby" for you like Hannah is for me :-)


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