Holiday Overkill

This article pretty much sums up most of my feelings about all holidays these days.
Thanksgiving remains my favorite, only because it hasn't been over commercialized like all the others. 

Because we homeschool, I definitely haven't felt some of these real/fake holidays the way she has, but I could write my own post on the subject, if I wanted to :)
I could probably fill a post right now just on the outrageous ways kids birthday parties are being handled these days. But I won't.
The article is a good read. Enjoy.

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Charlotte said...

So true!! I feel exactly the same about all those holidays. I sometimes really think that the whole thing is a consumer conspiracy.

And we don't do birthday parties either...most of the people in our circle of friends don't have them either so it doesn't make it that awkward.

I forget that this is another reason why I homeschool... :-)

Stef said...

It IS a consumer conspiracy! And I know some people genuinely love certain holidays (I do as well) but when it turns into a major stress-fest and sucks so much time, money and energy out of you, the holiday looses whatever value it had originally.

I miss the good ol' days when there wasn't so much competition either.

Nicola said...

I'm with you half way! I love to do birthday parties (but with where we live we only ever have 5 kiddos) and I love to really celebrate Christmas and Easter. But we really want to make those two holidays a big thing centered around our Lord Jesus Christ.

Though we like to make cookies for our friends up here on Valentines day and do just a little something for the girls. Thought it's getting smaller all the time with Audrey's birthday the next day.

I didn't even know about all the St. Patrick's day stuff.

But thank you for posting this.


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