Panda Meat

Dropped Ethan off at basketball practice. Its his last one of the season, so we lamented that all day.
I love that he kisses me goodbye as I drop him off and tells me to drive safe while I'm out ;-)
While he's at practice the kids and I go do something... Today we chose Target.

Pulled into the Target parking lot, which happens to be next to Panda Express. Kara exclaims that she *needs* Panda for dinner. Its necessary. She tells Rachel that she loves the mandarin chicken there and is sad mommy NEVER takes her there anymore.
Rachel tells her the reason she loves it so much is because its not really chicken meat, it is in fact, panda meat.
Kara agrees without question. Apparently whatever comes out of Rachel's mouth is gospel truth.

I'm parked here, dumbfounded. Why on earth does she think its actually panda meat?! I guess Five Guys burgers and fries is made with.... Nevermind. Gross.

Also: pics from the day.

During Rachel's quiet time she decided to play with Ethan's cars. 
In typical Rachel fashion, she got quite creative with them :) 

2 {comments}:

Kiara Buechler said...

Ha, panda meat!

Gina said...

Panda meat--that's great!


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