Miles {1 year}

Dear Miles,
 Today you're one year old! I want to cry just saying it. Not because I'm sad you're growing, just because I'm always sad at how fast the first year flies by.
I am incredibly thankful that we're at this milestone with you and that you're a happy, healthy boy.
You don't seem one to me and I think that's why my brain is having a rough time wrapping itself around the reality that you are.
I've never nursed a baby for a full year and because I'm still nursing you, I feel like we're at least a few months off from your 1st birthday.
You're still extremely cuddly and as Daddy would say, "this is the sound of me NOT complaining."
You're sleeping really well at night, which is awesome. You go to bed around 8:30 and you sleep until 7am. *happy dance* 

You get into everything. Positively everything. 

You have a fascination with bathroom toilets, which is just fantastic :-\

You fall a lot. Your head takes a lot of beatings and it makes me sad every time. I've contemplated putting a helmet on you.

You're a fast crawler, you 'walk' with the help of people and furniture and don't seem in a hurry to walk on your own yet, which is fine by me.

You're shy with strangers and cling tightly to Daddy and me when anyone else comes over.
We tried the nursery a few weeks back and it didn't go well :(
On the Sundays that I teach Sunday School, you ride along with me in the Ergo and then some Sundays I'm in the toddler 1 room, which is where you'd be in class, so I like that you get to try it out with me there.

You love looking outside, being outside, talking about the outside and crawling outside when no one's looking. I have to remind Ethan {more than once a day} to make sure he closes the back door or else you will get out.

You love playing with balls, any toy you can pretend is a hammer and you like baby dolls. You take your doll and say "awwww" and then you open your mouth and give the doll a big, wet kiss.
You also do the same thing Rachel used to do and you hold the doll upsidown. Makes me laugh every time :)
Photos taken by our friend @ Project Thursday 

You completely adore Ethan and he adores you.
You are okay with Rachel as long as she doesn't try to hold you too much.
You're extremely cautious with Kara and often scream when she gets too close {smart boy}.

You're cutting molars right now and you have a slight cold. Both have made for very long days.
You like to tell me your teeth hurt by pointing to them and then shaking your head no and making a very sad moaning sound. Its really cute, but also makes me feel so bad. I do love that you're creative with communication. You sign a lot of words to us and then the ones you don't know how to sign, you're good with letting us know, somehow.

My prayer for you is that you will love Jesus and serve him with your life and share Him with others.
I pray that you will be kind, generous, patient, humble and slow to anger.
You already have a sweet personality and I love you so much.

I sit down to cuddle you and still can't believe you're our son.
I'm so blessed to be your Mommy and I am so thankful that God gave you to us.

I love you so much, Miles Jon. 
Happy 1st Birthday!

*All photos in this post were taken by our friend at Project Thursday 

6 {comments}:

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday to Miles! A year goes way too fast.

And I love that football pacifier! My husband would have been thrilled if we had that when Mr. Lego was a baby... :-)

Nicola said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miles!
What a wonderful post Stef. You have such a way with words. I love all that pictures, he is such a cutie pie! Love his big eyes.

Melissa Joy said...

Happy birthday, Miles! What a wonderful post by your mama for her super adorable baby boy. (((hugs)))

Gina said...

A wonderful personality post! Love the pictures--Project Thursday always does you good! So happy Miles is being a baby a bit longer for you :-). I agree--one is a bitter sweet milestone. :-). Happy birth day to you both!

Erin said...

Miles is SO cute and growing up so much. These photos are fabulous! What a gift!

W and J said...

Last picture is so adorable!! I can't believe he just fell asleep like that!! And i loved how you wrote down his reaction to each sibling. Vesper is much the same--good with the oldest, most weary of the youngest. ;)


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