things my kids have taught me

coloring is fun at any age. 

skipping makes you feel 5 again. 

games like follow-the-leader and hide-n-seek never get old. 

putting away folded clothes can be turned into a game. 
in that case, any chore can be turned into a game. 

forgiveness is given without grudges. 

quiet time IS necessary. 

messes made can always be cleaned up. 
and, good memories are often made with a few messes 

curiosity & finding answers for your questions is a good thing.
why must we stop being curious?  

'school' = living life and learning as we go. 

praying bold prayers w/out fearing what others think is beautiful. 

God is happy. 
He is the most giving. 
you can ask Him for anything. 
Seriously... even for a good parking spot. 

seeing others as equals & being friendly is better than being judgmental or moody. 

trying your best is better than saying "I can't." 

going anywhere in pj's makes the outing way more fun. 

telling a joke or just laughing during a hard day is better than flipping out. 

its always the right time to say "I love you". 

hugs don't need to be asked for. just given often. 

its okay to mess-up. just remember to admit it quickly and w/out pride. 

I saved the best for last. 
They remind me daily that even though I'm not the perfect mommy,
 I'm the one God chose to be their Mommy. 
We get to spend each day together, making memories, learning as we go. 

Someday these messes will be gone. 
I won't need to windex the windows so often. 
I won't have to repeat myself so much. 
They'll be grown up, moved out, and life will take on a whole new kind of beauty and challenges. 

But I want to be able to look back and know that we made the most of these years. 
That we lived each day to its fullest. 
Not stressing over silly things. 
Not making stupid things, important. 
Showing love to one another. 
Forgiving often and quickly. 

I love the things I learn just by watching my kids. 

4 {comments}:

Charlotte said...

I am so glad to hear you say all that. It is easy to get stressed out when things in your house aren't perfect. Motherhood is all those things and more. I just read a friend's post and her title was Motherhood is a relationship. So true!

W and J said...

This made my heart so happy! :)

Gina said...

Thank you--this was beautiful & a wonderful reminder. I truly love to see how you love & delight in your kids. It warms my heart & often sets me straight at the same time ��

Stef said...

Thank you, ladies. I printed it and put it in my Bible. I'll need the reminder often throughout the years :)


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