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Its May. You already knew that, but I had to write it out. 
Apparently I blog once a month now, just FYI. 

My Niece turned 14 last week. She was the on who made me an Aunt for the first time 14 years ago. 
I remember the day so vividly too. I remember hearing my sister was in labor and I remember the phone call with her birth announcement and stats. Now she's 14! Crazy. 

Our school days are coming to an end, though we all know the learning never stops. I'm looking forward to summer activities. I used to think the summer was technically the time you totally kick back and relax and whatnot, but I'm slowly learning that summer time fills up with so many vacations, day trips, play dates, BBQ's and late night marshmallow roasting at the fire pit, which is all super fun fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants schedule, but man oh man does it wear me out! I tend to look forward to the scheduled, stay closer to home school days. 

Its been hot here. Oh, but if anyone asks we're sticking to the "we only see the sun 3 days out of the year" thing. Its just the rule. 
Today it hit 88 degrees and my first thought was to totally complain. I hate the heat and 88 is already way too hot for this body. I want to get a glass of ice water and just lay on the couch all day, waiting for the cool breeze in the evening. 
The kids kind of force that out of me though, because with 4 kids you can't really do a lot of sipping ice water while laying on the couch all day. 
We've been spending the past couple of weeks doing some school in the morning, hitting a park with friends in the early lunch time afternoon, coming home for Kara and Miles to nap, running in sprinklers,  going for walks, dinner on the back deck - often times inviting friends over super last minute to east with us. Getting to know our awesome neighbors better {who also go to our church, how crazy is that?!} realizing its 8pm but looks like 3pm and freaking out because bedtime is no where near even started... pretty much already feels like summer. 

We visited the lake for the first time this year. Is it just me or is swimming in a lake super gross to some of you? I walk over and see little fish swimming around, dirt, sand, seaweed, the random juice cup and I feel like I'm in some swamp monster movie. 
Today Rachel and a little boy found two dead fish. They were small and apparently they died while trying to find their Mommy... and Nemo. Yes, the ocean Nemo was swimming in was actually the swimming area at our lake. I told her to put the fish back in the water, she got all sad and mentioned a funeral we should hold for the fish. I told her its mother will find it and burry it- its what fish families do. Aaahhh, the gift of coming up with a totally bologna story on the spot :-\
Met a couple friends at the lake and while the kids all played and entertained themselves with some buckets and shovels, we moms sat and talked. Enjoyed the sun, enjoyed the babies, enjoyed each other. Its a great way to spend the day. You find yourself laughing at random stuff, all the "can you even believe my child did this?!" stories and the moments where you confess the sin issues in your life and quickly realize we're all in this journey called motherhood together. None of us are perfect {but we already knew that} none of us know it all, none of us can do it all, we all need grace just like the person next to us and we all need friendships. The kind that will sit on a beach and hear an embarrassing story and laugh-out-loud because they've totally been there and feel your pain.
Those friendships are keepers. 

I'm gonna miss these park days. These last minute play dates, where you get the text message, say yes to a fun plan, close the school books, frantically pack lunches & gear and head out the door. I see my friends with all teenaged kids, or kids in early college days and I realize these moments won't last forever. They're crazy and tiring, but they're over and gone and you never get 'em back. 
I have some days where that thought alone is like pure joy to me, haha! I tell myself someday I'll have Grandchildren I can do all the fun stuff with then go home in the evening and leave all the child rearing to my grown up kids and I find myself smiling. Grandparenthood has got to be the ultimate blessing. 

So here I sit at 8pm on a warm but slightly breezy Monday night. Husband is at his Parkour class, kids are tucked in bed, just finished nursing baby and he's softly snoring next to me. Every so often I type too loud and his foot twitches and I go totally frozen, hoping I didn't actually do the unthinkable and wake.him.up. If you wake Miles up after he's been snoozing for only 20 minutes, he decides it was a nap and the playtime needs to start. So we tend to walk like little mice after he's gone to sleep, making sure that never happens. 
I'm worn out, but its all good. I can smell the sunscreen and coconut oil and I think I still have dry sand stuck to my legs. 
Its a new season. I know in just a few months I'll be aching for fall and winter, so I need to enjoy this.  We're just never happy are we.... 
Its probably why God gave us seasons. He knew He had to mix things up or we'd all start belly aching. 
That, and the world wouldn't last too long with only one season ;-) 

I need to drag myself off this couch and finish cleaning up the house for the night. 
Its been fun talking. 
Happy May :) 

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Charlotte said...

HA! I loved that line ...that you did the unthinkable and woke.him.up.

I loved this post. Life is such a journey, and regardless of ourselves we keep going day by day and time keeps getting faster and faster.

I feel like I am in the middle of two worlds...my feet still in child land with my 7 year old, but then the rest of me headed to another world, where my son is now driving, and just texted me to say he has been asked to work at his job at Safeway until 7:30 tonight.

I am not ready for this.

And when I think of all that, I sometimes think like you did, of being a grandparent. I am probably done with my child bearing (sadly), but I have lots of fun things to look forward to. None of the stages I have been through so far have been better than others, and I think that is true for the future. Stef, we'll be old, happy grandma's together. :-)

Kiara Buechler said...

I missed all the hot weather here while we were in Hawaii, and now it is supposed to rain :-( Did you take the kids to Coulon? My guys went there today and I guess there was a ton of algae, yuck.

Kiara Buechler said...

Oh, and where does your husband take parkour classes? Chad wants to take Dane to them.

Stef said...

Kiara, there was some algae and someone said its due to the calmer, hotter weather... Gross!

Jason goes to PK in Seattle after work, but I know there's a place in Bellevue. Ethan is doing their camp this summer :-)

Stef said...

Loved your comment, Charlotte!! I agree too- every stage has its blessings and challenges.

W and J said...

Loved it! :) I'm looking forward to the summer too-- although it's already too hot here most days. Hoping we get into a good rhythm too although I'm not sure those really stick with three super young ones!

And YES! Every Mama needs a handful of women who will not only give ya a solid shoulder to lean into and vent but also a reminder to go to the cross and be filled with Him. :)

Stef said...

Agreed, Jess!


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