10 Things

1.) vacation was amazing, but sadly, had to come to an end. 

I left my heart here and hope we can go back soon.

2.) I'm learning that when you're 8, shirts are optional.

3.) When you're the 4th child and your older two siblings are girls.... 
Your toys will be pink and you'll survive. 

4.) These two are moving to Virginia. 
{the game is called 'Nertz', I'm not actually calling them names}

5.) I can get my kids to eat anything for dinner, if I promise them a yummy dessert. 
This particular night was strawberry shortcakes. 

6.) I tell people we live in a beautiful "area" ...
... and then I realize we just live in a beautiful state. 
This lovely trail is right outside our house. 

7.) When in doubt, take a bath. 
I cannot be the only Mom who does a random bath at 4pm, just to calm a fussy baby. 
Who's with me? 

8.) I've had several people ask how I like my Jawbone UP bracelet. 
I might just do an entire blog post on it, but for now, I love it. 
I mostly love tracking my sleep and logging my workouts, and have very few complaints. 
{We bought mine off Amazon for $80}

9.) this almost 14 month old boy is teething again. 
Sleep is hard to come by these days, so pictures like this make me happy. 

10.) this picture wins "photo of the week", if there is such a thing. 
Jason bought these dresses for the girls and I saw them dancing in the backyard, 
asked them to twirl, snapped this picture, posted it to Instagram and got the most 'likes' I've ever 
gotten on a picture before. Crazy. So if there was an award, it would win. 

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Nicola said...

Great post! I would have to agree with you about the last picture of the girls! Very sweet.


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