May & June

This is a picture recap with limited wordage, from the months of May and June.

    In mid-May Jason and some friends from church built the playstructure we bought from Costco.
   And the kids have been enjoying it ever since.

Charting their growth. 
{Ethan 8, Rachel 6 1/2, Kara 4 1/2 and Miles was 13 months}

    we enjoyed the warmer May temps and played outside a lot.

    we had lazy mornings and did school in our pj's

   we saw new blooms in our frontyard!

   we got our summer style on.

    we celebrated Uncle David's 29th birthday.

the girls got these aprons in the mail from Nana. 

we had super heros in our backyard. 

 We celebrated Mother's Day. 

    Jason's Great Uncle and Aunt came to visit from CA!!
    **Spoiler alert** Kara didn't want a picture.

    Rachel taught Miles how to drive.

     June's group pic.

    Jason and I on our first solo date since     Miles' birth.

   Kara learned that she could no longer lift brother off the ground.

   we celebrated our good friend Dylan's 6th birthday!

    We went camping in our backyard.

    the kids and I took the 4 mile walk to Starbucks, which was one of our summer bucket list ideas :-)

    4 kids slept in until past 10am

got to see new growth at our neighbor's amazing garden. 

    celebrated Father's day.

    took Ethan to see the new Star Trek. We all gave it an A++

   someone learned how to really impress his family.

    visited this lake with our neighbor/friend Amy and friend Ally.

    small towns have the best food.

    the cabin we visited.

   On the 23rd, Ethan was baptized at church!

    we took breaks every day to nurse.

   we spent WAY too much time in this section at Lowe's.

    the outcome of one of the 3 main rooms we painted.

     we enjoyed Sunday afternoon swims with Aunt Emily

    The Bertholics from FL visited us!!

 all 9 of our kids lined up for a picture. 

   we went on dates with Daddy.

    we played a lot with our buddy Dylan and his sister Evelyn. 

 as we entered July and the temps got very high, we enjoyed a lot of this.

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Melissa Joy said...

These pics brought smiles and HAPPY to my face! :)
May God's blessings continue to pour forth upon you all.


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