Vacation part 1 ... from over a month ago

Life, folks. I have no other excuse. Just life. Feels like a good enough excuse though, right?
Part of my blogging problem is that I rarely use a laptop anymore and I cannot blog from my phone or Kindle Fire, so that poses a big issue ;-)
My motto over the years has definitely become "better late than never!" I think I get referred to as that behind my back. Which is fine with me. It totally fits.

Anyhoo, back in early June we ventured to Pacific Beach, WA and spent a week of amazing family time.

It was a fabulous week at a cottage on the beach. 
We are dying to go back already. 

Its a lot of pictures, so this post will be just pictures of the area we were in. Not photos of us. 
I'll do a second post with pics of us and things we did. 


    Headed to the beach! Was a 2 hour drive and since we're used to 15+ to California, this was a cinch. 

   they provide bikes for you to ride and I enjoyed reliving my childhood and rode the blue bike
   everywhere I could.

 this house was called "The Lookout House" for obvious reasons. 

    I fell in love with this porch.

This was our cottage. 

   we stayed in here. Its called Beach Camp.

this was my favorite in the whole neighborhood. 

   Night life.

   God's handy work never ceases to amaze me.

    we love retro.

    fun street names.

   this one's for my sister, Emily.

                      more of the cute streets. We walked everywhere, which was perfect.

 Jason tried taking a picture of the wet sand. You could run for long stretches on this stuff without actually hitting real waves. This particular beach was very flat, so the kids could run and play without them being in any real danger, which was really nice. Its hard to capture in a picture.

So this picture shows the ocean layout the best. 
Ethan and Kara are actually IN the ocean area in this pic. But theres a ton of that 
funny wet sand and totally clear, beautiful water that's not very cold and super shallow
water for quite a ways until you hit the real waves and ocean.  
{which you can see way in the distance in this pic}
So the kids were able to play and such IN the ocean, while remaining away from waves. 
A bit out past Ethan here, there's another little island with sand that pops up 
and we played on that as well before hitting the real ocean. 
Hope that makes sense. 

they have beach highways. 
So cool. 

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Drea said...

oh wow, this trip looks amazing!!! i must admit, im jealous!

Nicola said...

I love the town. Super cute!


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